Maps Rules, Regulations, Scoring

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Maps Rules, Regulations, Scoring

Postby c⁄J⁄Iılk c⁄J⁄Iån ◊§t◊ » 02 Sep 2018, 18:38

ImageMap Standard:

FFA League Map Pack
Make sure you also have the latest tagset from
TFL Map Pack
(Please note that Vivid and all maps that include nonstandard units are excluded).
TSG Map Pack

ImageShow & Play: Just join whenever and leave whenever, your points will be recorded & no registration is required.

Image Play to win: Winner received two points for every team defeated, +/- the player differential. By player differential I mean the difference in the number of players per team. For example, if I win a four start by myself against 3 teams of 2 then I receive 2x6 points for the win +3 points for the player differential, 15 points total. Conversely if Trev and I win a four start against three solo player then we each receive 2x6 points -3 points, 3 points total.

Image2nd Pix: 2nd place picks mesh/game/time etc.

ImageNo Pickbacks: A back to back 2nd placer may not pick the same map/game consecutively.

ImageT/FFA: Teams, whether random or premade, are permitted provided each of the "starts" on a given map have been filled. Please note that teams may result in fewer and even negative points depending on performance. See the scoring thread for details.

ImageNo Shwag: No blind, no deathmatch, no allies. Each ingame drop, suicide, or refusal to give a team mate units will result in no more or less than three games of bootage. Players will also be held to a code of conduct regarding racist or gendered harassment. All games will be played in the accounts only room, "Phelot," on the Gate of Storms server.

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