So Slugfest Concludes and the winner is..

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So Slugfest Concludes and the winner is..

Postby drunken_deer » 09 Oct 2013, 03:29


Scoring a whopping 55 points, Paris has become the slugfest champion of 2013! What does this mean? It means you clearly do not want to mess with paris in a melle or dwarf fight without proper support.


Runners Up

Drunken- Yea I came 37 points in the game, some may argue it may of been the lack of competition but those players have only themselves to blame.

Funk- closely followed was Funk with 34 points! Clearly Funk is on his way to become a proficient myther and with his dwarfing and melle micro in check these will form the building blocks with additional units such as warlocks and archers.

-Rest of score tally - Please not that only people who actually scored are represented, players who participated deserve as much of a thank you as the rest of those who archived a result.

Interestingly if SonO (limp), Slate and Samuel had of played more regularly missing 3 weeks, their scores would of been up in the same margins. Showing that the score system in place in my opinion was doing excellent job in balancing and ranking players in the tournament.

SonO 27pts
Slate 18pt
KillerKing 15 pts
Samuel 15pts
Sam the Butcher 10 pt
Masterchief 10 pts
Ponder 9 pts
Asmo 7 pts
Homer 6pts
Ponder 6 pt
PK 6pts
Rawr 5pts
Palldice 3 pts
Sasper 3 pts
Scratch 3pt
Codex 3 pts
Gekko 3 pts
Promethius 3pts
Phex 3pts
Empy 3 pts
Godfrey 3pts
Contrary 3pts

On a final note; If you participated please leave feedback on what you liked about it (scoring,map settings such as gametype ect), what things can be done to improve and what things you simply didn't enjoy.

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Re: So Slugfest Concludes and the winner is..

Postby par73 » 09 Oct 2013, 06:14

subjective feedback:

i thought the scoring system was fair, but on most maps all it took for me to do was dominate in all 3 of those aspects. i guess by definition, a win, damage and kills is what should determine a slugfest victory however.

perhaps add a +1 or +2 pts for every player eliminated.
(just have 1/2 ppl judge the source of the elimination on any contested or uncertain results, however do that following the end of all the games in the match/bracket).

also perhaps you could try to set up 2 brackets or even 3, during one weekend. all you need is to find dedicated people interested in hosting the bracket.
i used to host ffa brackets, and it was easier because there were a lot more players around. but if you set 3 diff bracket times and enough players registered or willing to participate, you could definitely get more games (and more results) going on. the key is connecting with sub-TO's who have a host, or have the resources to acquire/request one, know the rules you set in place, would be able to provide scoring if requested by players [as you always were able to provide].

you hosted sunday at some time during the afternoon/evening, but there could have also been a bracket on friday and saturday with some coordination.

maybe hire someone to make maps for your slug fest tournament unless you wanted to do it yourself, although i know you don't really have time for any of that shit.

i thought all of your map picks were good though, and well thought out. it was also cool you included that map for the final game of the final round.

i think if you had included the 2d2a or whatever the fuck that ancient map is, perhaps there would have been more interest for random players associated in the tournament.

then again you could probably rename the plugin "DEER DUFFS TOURNAMENT", post a link with a download source to the renamed plug, and no one would know the difference.

one last suggestion: host it prior to the beginning of a 2team tournament, whether 1/2 weeks before or during the beginning half of the tournament (definitely not the end). negotiate the time.

it was a pleasure participating. i'm now teamed up with Slate (3rd place in tournament overall) in the draft tournament, and he was one of the few true competitors in the tournament overall. I'm glad I had the chance to pick him, and I'll surely be passing the secrets of god cops dorfing glove techniques onto my other teammates, as well as this respectable teammate i have just competed against. Congrats on 3rd place Slate

also big ups to limp (aka, SonO), who placed 2nd in this tournament and also placed 1st in first ever Myth World Series (which was hosted directly in-between Myth World Cup)

anyway i have been writing papers and studying for midterms for hours, i'm glad i could provide feedback for your first hosted tournament drunken. thank you for hosting it. hopefully you will be able to host another in the future.

- P73

edit: ahh, i now see drunken got 2nd place and Funky got 3rd place, who is another one of my draft selections and teammates!
Team Paris in Myrk's Draft Tournament has 3 of the top 5 slug fest players on the server! :O

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Re: So Slugfest Concludes and the winner is..

Postby zagon » 10 Oct 2013, 22:20

yes was fun the week or two i played.

had alot of fun testing maps with you before the tourney too.

What i didnt like.. Non tradition "slugfest" units

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Re: So Slugfest Concludes and the winner is..

Postby drunken_deer » 11 Oct 2013, 09:41

zagon wrote:yes was fun the week or two i played.

had alot of fun testing maps with you before the tourney too.

What i didnt like.. Non tradition "slugfest" units

I can understand this, my problem which big issues arises that the myth 2 engine dwarves are much more reliable on bottle throws, and makes thrall obsolete in slugfest with this many experienced players abound. Also TFL was not liked as well in the tourney so it was pushed out for 1/5 games on many occasions. Really difficult to cater for everybody :P Thanks for feedback though I feel ya problem!

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