FFA LEAGUE 2017 begins this SEPTEMBER!

A single berserk reached us yesterday, after having come all the way over the mountains from the city of Willow, fourteen hundred miles away. He delivered to Alric a single package the size of a man's fist, wrapped in rags, and refuses to talk with anyone about events in the West.
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FFA LEAGUE 2017 begins this SEPTEMBER!

Postby c⁄J⁄Iılk c⁄J⁄Iån ◊§t◊ » 06 Jun 2017, 01:03

...back when I joined up with the Legion there was a mad Journeyman who regaled anyone too tired to move away with his theory about the Edge of All - that line between the land and nothingness out beyond the kingdom of Gower, where Connacht arose. He claimed the world is double-sided and constantly spinning, like a coin tossed in the air, and the living and the dead are held to its surface by sorceries too powerful for humans to master. “...And so the light and the dark hold dominion successively, and the land belongs in turn to men, or to the undead.” I grew as tired of his affected vocabulary as I did of his idiotic ideas, but I confess I felt a small twinge of sadness when he died. I never got his name either...

Myth's premier street myth showcase returns to the community this Fall! Head over to the FFA League forum (http://myrgard.com/viewforum.php?f=127), the FFA League website (http://ffaleague.com/), or the FFA League discord channel (https://discord.gg/bx6ufWw for maps, discussion, and information!

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