Tounament Organizer Integrity: did grim rig MWC2006 in favor of ~np~?

A single berserk reached us yesterday, after having come all the way over the mountains from the city of Willow, fourteen hundred miles away. He delivered to Alric a single package the size of a man's fist, wrapped in rags, and refuses to talk with anyone about events in the West.
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Tounament Organizer Integrity: did grim rig MWC2006 in favor of ~np~?

Postby par73 » 18 Apr 2017, 11:37

Here here, fellow mythers, it is your post-elfoid myth historian par par. Here we are in the begginings of another MWC season I have uncovered some evidence of one of our most beloved MWC TO's of all time, grim, creating rules to favor his np team in MWC2006. This is a good lesson in knowing what you signed up for and judging the integrity of TO's based on their likelihood to benefit their own team over the others.

MWC06 is well known for the last tournament Brills Meets Evil (Favored Top Bracket Champions of MWC06) ever formed together for, or the tournament grim and arzenic left tcox to join the finnish powerhouse Northern Paladins.

As some may remember, np lost in de2 or de3 to a team that was similar to MWC04 agents who took out ICBM, featuring players like dark angel, lil rascal, arsenal gtm, and other known well known players of that era like nemesis, blonde, liger (who was using multiple accounts due to a playmyth ban). things looked tragic for np, who had been struggling to field a reasonable amount of players during the first few weeks of the tournament; one of their themes post era.

But fear not for double elimination provides a nice buffer for teams who show up short on occasion ! np would go on to crush several opponents on their way to a MWC finals win in Sudden Death, the final score 7-1 np over tcox.

Interestingly enough, grim created a rule to essentially ban picks from tcox in sudden death that would result in a tie, or at least make them highly risky in the event of sudden death. meanwhile Np could pick them in sudden death and win via tie.
Furthermore, he forced tcox into a position to be aggressive and push on game 3 caer cadarn (dark) and game 6 great divide allies assassin, where a tie scenario would end up in their loss for simply being the Top Bracket Champion. grim had the final word on all maps, gametypes, scoring, and the order they would be played in during MWC06.

MWC Finals: Week 10 Maps
    Smells Like My Nemesis In Here
    Drowned Empire Territories
    Caer Cadarn (dark) Capture the Flag
    Cracks in the Cloudspine Flag Rally
    The Barrens (venice x2) Last Man on the Hill
    The Great Divide (allies) Assassin
    Barbarian Valley (dark) Flag Rally

What was the rule you ask?

In the Grand Finals, a tie will count as a win for the challenger: the match continues into sudden death and proceeds until one team wins two in a row.

The challenger, of course, was the Bottom Bracket Winner, Northern Paladins, a team of which grim was apart of.

It is funny to think grim may have orchestrated this all to bring down BME once and for all in nationalistic Finnish pride with np's vengence, only to be backstabbing his former teammates cave, stormrider, ramirez, qwerty and zer at the end of it all. It was fun to destroy grim on The Barrens and cause np to collapse on their worst map ever at that time; I can tell you, because I was there.

This has been another tale of epic grimriggery, thank you for hosting MWC's grim but my memory will now recall you as such

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Re: Tounament Organizer Integrity: did grim rig MWC2006 in favor of ~np~?

Postby akira » 18 Apr 2017, 15:18

It's a question of when did grim make the rule? Everyone's agreement to the rules is implied if they don't bitch and moan prior to the start of the tournament. If he implemented the rule after the tourney started we can call shenanigans.

This is independent of the fact that's a bullshit rule, as explained by Parfroid.

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Re: Tounament Organizer Integrity: did grim rig MWC2006 in favor of ~np~?

Postby tirri » 19 Apr 2017, 06:09

this is very interesting, i had no idea about this.
par is right, this makes grim's actions seem highly dubious. was the great np team of 2006 only an embodiment of grim's riggery, nothing else


Re: Tounament Organizer Integrity: did grim rig MWC2006 in favor of ~np~?

Postby grimboid » 19 Apr 2017, 06:33

As much as I'd like to take credit for this brilliant rigging plan, I think Wight slayer or Nitro just copy/pasted that entire page from some previous tournament. I rewrote the rules completely for mwc08 or something.

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Re: Tounament Organizer Integrity: did grim rig MWC2006 in favor of ~np~?

Postby par73 » 19 Apr 2017, 12:28

when in doubt blame americans!

after further research however it seems the blame does fall with americans.

mwc99 wasn't just managed by butcher, he had a triumvirate of three judges he worked with. You can't find these rules awarding ties to the bottom bracket winners anywhere in the mwc99 rules, and butcher was a kiwi.

it looks like mwc2000 is down, which was hosted by wight slayer but managed (TO) by Stinger. SF climbed the bottom bracket in that tournament, and stinger was a good friend of those guys ! I can't find the specific rules pages archived however, and it looks like a lot of 2k's rules were copy and pasted from 99.

2001 looks like it's rules were rearranged and updated, and such a rule is present on that website. MWC2k1 was hosted by wight slayer so I think grim's defense is on the money here!

grim is cleared of all crimes, once and for all.

meanwhile fy ws ! :) get that 2k site back up

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