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Postby garnish » 29 May 2019, 17:14

Captains will be choosing maps every week with the 5th pick made by me or another!


Week 1:
[1:25 PM] Ratking: Calm Before the Storm light ctf 14 mins
[3:52 PM] adrenaline: Lichen light fr 12 mins
[3:02 PM] Renwood: Krakatoa ctf light 14 mins
[7:35 AM] walterwight: Hvergilmir Dark FR 12 mins
[9:35 PM] garnish: If I had a Trow KOTM 10 mins

Week 2:
FTN: Cursed Earth (Plagued Lands MWC Plugin) LMOTH 10m
SB: Tamaerlin Light KOTM 12m
MoC: Creep on the Borderlands Terries 12m (Magma TFL version: ... er-mappack)
NC: Quixotism TE (Trow) FR 12min
LSO: Beckoning Wilds (Trow) - Flag Rally - 12 minutes
from the Beckoning Wilds TE v1 mappack

Week 3:
Walter Wight: Great Divide MWC 2007 ASS 14m [The Great Divide MWC 2007]
Ratking: Hills of the Crow TE (grilling) FR 12m [Hills of the Crow TE (1.2)]
Parline: Valencia Oranges 2-team (No Portals) FR 12m [Aztec Oranges TE 1.2]
Renwood: Broken Arrow (light) TE v1.0 territories 10m [Broken Arrow TE v1.0]
LSO: Green Hell 2t Dark LMOTH 10m [Green Paradise TE (1.2)]

Ratking: Barbarian Valley TE Special Edition FR 12m [Barbarian Valley Tourney 2.2]
Walter Wight: Keep Across the River (light) Terries 12m [Magma TFL Multipack]
Paris: One is Not Enough (Dark) LMOTH 10m [OneIsNotEnough_MWC18]
Jahral: Primitive Soup (Trow) FR 12m [primordialsoupmwc]
Renwood: Raisin Barn (Team) CTF 14m [RAISIN BARN MWC 2019 TE 5]

Phos: Creep on the Borderlands CTF 14m
Adren: Leagues from Somewhere (light) TERRIES 12 minutes ... -somewhere
Ratking: Desert Ruins w/ R & AL2P (Trow) - CTF, 12 minutes (Desert Ruins 1.02)
Garnish: Like Driving on the Railroad Tracks - Last Man on the Hill - 10 mins
Walter: Caer Cadarn (Light) FR, 12 Mins

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Re: Maps

Postby adrenaline » 04 Jun 2019, 04:39

Simple format...

- 5 maps per round (7 for finals)
- No more than 2 of any given game type per round.
- Alternate light and dark
- 2 trow/FG maps per round
- No new/dumb units... MWC is not a beta-testing ground. Familiar maps/units facilitate competitive games.
- New maps introduced with reasonable notice, for the same reason mentioned above.

Follow this and you shouldn't hear too much bitching about maps from anyone...

If you are choosing all of the maps yourself, please have a 2nd set of eyes look them over before posting... ideally someone with a lot of experience (myself, limp, paris, ratking, etc.)


Re: Maps

Postby Zap » 26 Jul 2019, 09:59

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