Map List - With Zip of Maps

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Map List - With Zip of Maps

Postby par73 » 16 Apr 2017, 04:48

Below are the official maps and gametypes your team can pick during the team games of the tournament:

Download Link: ...

Poison Holiday - FR/CTF/KOTM
Caer Cadarn - CTF/TERRIES/FR/
Fos - CTF/Captures/STAMP
Acts of Cruelty - FR
Acts of Piety - Territories/CTF
Grave Reason to Swim - FR
Creep - Terries/KOTM/Captures
Barb Valley Dark - LMOTH/FR/
Barb Valley Light - CTF/Captures/Territories
Arcane Heaven - FR/CTF/KOTM/Captures
Grilling Grounds (Light) - CTF/LMOTH
Lichen - FR/CTF/Captures
Stalk - FR
Divide Light - FR/ASS/KOTM/Captures
Divide Dark - ASS/Captures/FR
Keep (Dark) - LMOTH
Hver Light - CTF/FR/TERR/KOTM/Captures
Hver Dark(leg) - CTF/ASS/FR/TERR/KOTM
Smells - FR
Cracks - FR
Clash - FR
Drowned Empire - KOTM/TERR/Captures/Flag Rally/CTF
Shuffle - FR
Calm - FR/CTF
Venice (Allies) - Terries/FR/Captures
Tamaerlin (Light) - LMOTH/FR/TERR/CTF/Captures
Mjilaphobia (Light/Dark) - FR/CTF
When the Trow Comes around - CTF/FR
Zodiac Hillbillies (All Meshes but Giant) - KOTM/TERR/Captures
Quixotism (All Meshes) - FR/TERR/KOTM
Untamed (Allies) - Terries/FR/Caps
Badlands (Allies) - Terries/FR/Caps

You can browse for individual plugins at The Tain, hosted by Project Magma

Below are some suggested maps for the 1v1 pre-game played to select which team has first pick:

Gimble - Lmoth
Gyre - Lmoth
Badlands - Lmoth
Proving Grounds - Lmoth
Killing Grounds - Lmoth
Demise - Lmoth

You can play any map/gametype for the 1v1, as long as the two participants agree to it.
Please don't use the CTF gametype because in the event of the tie, the team games will be prolonged unless one team wishes to give the other the choice to pick or pass first. Do your teams a favorite and pick a gametype with a definitive winner!

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