Team Cares article submission

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Team Cares article submission

Postby tirri » 04 Oct 2016, 06:16

Hello TOs, Shaister and Myth community. This is team Care's article submission for the waiver wire pick up. Let me just say that you TOs are doing a great job and Bebop aka Shaister is as charming as ever.

Let's face it, the level of play in myth now is completely horrid. Somehow almost all the players with actual clicking skills have all migrated to newer games, leaving only mentally and/or physically handicapped players left to wander around the GoS lobby or autohosts aimlessly.
We live in a time where Grim's "You were not better 10 years ago" study has been scientifically debunked and where it's common knowledge that everyone sucks badly compared to the glorious decade of 2000-2010.
We have reached a point where Asmo thinks he is a great trower because all he does is shadow players like crun or ghengis and takes pride in it.
Newsflash asmo, it's a 16 year old game with no active teams. Only you and ew still have the patience to do that kind of shit.

But early rant aside, we have reached a time where it's good to outline what it takes to win tournaments in today's myth atmosphere.
The point of this study is to achieve a new winning mantra after success stories such as archer dancing, sneakeroony (hiding sneak flanks on desert like maps circa 2001), snowball, dwarf forest, push don't rush and stall don't fall.

Here are the things that should have happened during 16 years of mything and evolving gameplay. This should be a completely automatic process for every player:

You face the enemy in mid or a flank:
you scout the enemy thoroughly, then immediately determine if 1) you can push, 2) if you can stall and if so, can you do it with fewer units or 3) if you are in danger of getting overwhelmed fast.
in case of 1): push immediately
in case of 2): stall efficiently and if you can stall with fewer units, send or give the rest away (for example a few puss more somewhere else can be absolutely crucial)
in case of 3): fallback in according to gametype specifics and call for help
Of course all this must be done in coordination with the captain because otherwise you will do stuff that the captain might already be taking care of in another way
If you don't do these things, it automatically means that the units aren't used optimatically and if the enemy will be wise, it will get exploited fast. If these things were actually done in team games, then most splits and to some extent even trades that the captain decides to do would be almost irrelevant (Meaning most light maps for example are winnable with a lot of archers or only a few archers if the 3 above mentioned points are taken care of properly)

But literally none of this happens even in highest level games nowadays with supposedly very good players.

This means that special things must be taken into account in order to turn a team into a JUGGERNAUT winner.

So what does a winning team need to do:
It's not about a team collectively making better decision or the captain giving more and better orders. In fact most mythers listen to orders very poorly, at least written orders. Don't know about using voice chat.
The thing that makes a difference is only giving crucial units to players that know how to make the above mentioned 3 decision.
The winning teams have turned splitting the 100 or so myth units on any given map into an art form, ie. how to give out units in a way where bad players have the opportunity to influence the gameplay negatively as little as possible.
These tasks include flag duty, single artillery, puss, few wars and duff and so on. If you have less than 5 units in a myth team map, it usually doesn't matter if you don't do the above mentioned reactions because in the large scale of things it won't make a difference.
If you give someone 3 melee units, every myth player suddenly turns into a sneaky, helpful, clever good microer who wreaks havoc in the battlefield. And honestly if your team loses because those 3 units weren't there to help in some melee engagement, you probably lost the game somewhere else already.

This is why I've been very stressed because my team hasn't had Arzenic. A player like him is CRUCIAL in today's myth. I desperately need a few players who won't affect the game negatively because by law of myth nature, you cannot minimize negativity properly if you have nothing positive in the team.


no offence to any of my team mates or anyone else.

your's truly

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Re: Team Cares article submission

Postby par73 » 04 Oct 2016, 16:21

yours truly Janus Anus

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Re: Team Cares article submission

Postby Asmodian » 04 Oct 2016, 19:08

News flash: I don't think shadowing an other teams trow makes you a great trower, but any smart player should trow like that if he has the better team.

If i'm on a worse team or my team is clearly getting out played than I try to make an aggressive move to change the outcome of the game.

It's simple and smart myth. you can add that to your article ;)

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Re: Team Cares article submission

Postby adrenaline » 04 Oct 2016, 20:13

[tirri] submits an article for this took too much time writing it,

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