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I thought this may help get people involved! If you don't like mine do some of your own. On a side note this took longer than I wanted it to and towards the end just started cranking it out. In order of registration.

Captain - Good player, more dark oriented than light. Particularly dangerous with fetch. Has a high opinion of himself, I’m not sure if it’s warranted or not. Been around a long time. I’m going high 3 / low 4 for now, and will update if needed.

Dantski - A very dangerous player with arty sets. Has been known to shut down the middle of some maps by himself. Very good in both dark and light. Good captain and strategist as well. Solid 4.

par73 (captain) - Par is one of those players that can do it all. Whether it's trowing on running arty sets on light maps. Can captain pretty well too. When he took over the duties for his team last tourney he turned things around. Pretty crazy guy which is cool, but that can affect in what capacity he shows and plays. Definitely a committed player which pays off. Solid 4.

Cruniac - Crun-dawg loves African American culture. Is also a member of the NAACP. On a serious note crun does very well most of the time. I think his only draw back is awareness and adapting, which is only minor. This is not a guy you want to have fetching against you. 4 balls.

Asmodian - ‘smo has developed into quite the player over the last few years. Has great game awareness and recently helped tmnt win mwc. Skill-wise think of paris in terms of being well-rounded. Great addition to any team that can pick him up. I’m thinking low 4.

Zak - Zak-attack. Super high commitment as a player, which I would guess helps. I say guess because I’ve never teamed with him and have no direct experience. Skill-wise he’s not the guy to handle trow or large rush sets, but does a good job as a role player. Has some in-game awareness as well. There was the recent debacle of mwc for him and his team. Was very surprising they didn’t do better. Mid 3.

tirri (captain) - Tirri is a very accomplished and dangerous player. The type of guy like sam, ew, and gkg that you always want to know where he is and what he’s doing. It seems life has gotten in the way of things for him recently, but he has a great skill set and again is very dangerous. Was once an easy 5 but activity has dropped him to a high 4 in my mind. He’s capping which is interesting to me. Curious to see how that works out, I haven’t seen him cap much in recent years.

adrenaline - adren is another player with great skill sets and can handle all the roles well. Dangerous with trow. Also does very well on big flanks on light maps. Has had some issues showing for matches recently. No doubt that this guy can put a hurting on you, he’s had a lot of success over the years. High 4.

Funk - Funk has been a developing player over the last 2 or so years. Still has a way to go before being considered a solid 3 baller. Needs to focus on game awareness and unit micro. Shows great promise and needs to continue to seek development from the better players. Low 3.

Father Xmas - fx has been around forever and has had a ton of playing time. To the frustration of many he sometimes makes critical errors, but that is not to say he doesn’t do a good job at times. I remember him subbing for one of my teams when we were down by 3-4 players and rising to the occasion. High 2 / low 3.

samuel - Sam was always considered a good player to me, but things have changed. He’s been kicking ass all over the place these days. Probably in the top 3 most dangerous with trow. Can also handle all the different roles. Pretty easy to rate this guy as one of the best. 5 balls.

punkUser - The founder of GoS and a good role player. Won the last draft tourney I think? While I haven’t played a lot with him, I hear good things. I predict solid role playing. Low 3.

THOR (captain) - gata did pretty well leading wtc if I remember correctly. Sometimes has some really bad trades but overall does a good job. He knows which players do well in certain roles, which is not always true for most captains. Like tirri I’m curious to see how he picks and leads his team. High 3.

wwo - wwo is an underrated player in my opinion. He knows the game and how to play it. In skills he’s not the guy to handle trow but will do well in other roles. High 3.

pallidice - Another underrated player. He did quite well in the past few tournies and just needs a shot at a bigger role. Solid role player. 3 balls.

killerking - recently showed that he’s on the rise. Still has a long ways to go but most player really don’t improve quickly. He hasn’t proven he’s the best of the 3’s but still deserves to be in that category. low 3 for now.

Arsenal (captain) - Arse is an old schooler that never quite turned the corner is skills. I think he has some connection issues which contribute to that. As with most of the captains listed I’m curious to see how he does. High 2.

Chron1 - Chron is another lethal player. In most roles he does a great job, but probably not the best with trows and large rush sets. Still a guy that will be sought out as he always is, low 4.

Arzenic - tried tested and true. Arz is just a great player. Reminds me of ew in terms of awareness and capability. Recent mwc champ. High 4, hope he shows!

SamTheButcher - stb is really up or down these days. I’ve seen him do well and sometimes I want to rip my hair out. Needs to focus on the team aspect of the game and become a working part, not an independently moving piece. High 2 / low 3.

SlatE - Many said Slate would not do well in 2team games. In truth the transition from ffa is still in progress but in my mind there is no doubt he can be a great player. Very dangerous with fetch. More of a role player type, not the guy to handle the heavy roles. High 3 /low 4.

Myrk - Why ppl always give Myrk a hard time I’ll never know. I’ve played with him quite a bit and always thought well of him. I suppose some ppl can’t deal with certain types of personality, which is unfortunate for them. Recent mwc champ, and he did a lot to help. Can handle any role and is a dangerous player. 4 balls

Ratking - I always dread this part. Part of me wants to tell you what I think and the other half of me really doesn’t care. I guess I’m going for it. Over the years I was a middle of the road 3 baller until I got sober and actually started playing. I’ve focused on developing as captain and then a player over and over. In the past 2 years somewhere I crossed the line of being a 3 baller, but never really established myself as a 4. I can 1v1 as gkg’s tourney shows, so I have the click ability. I have lead teams to success in tws and the first dratf tourney, so I can captain. I recently won mwc with tmnt, so I can play with the tougher competition. I don’t crumble under pressure either. So yeah.. I think I fit in better with the 4’s than the 3’s, I just don’t know where.

Mark - Mark is a really good player when he shakes off the rust and shows. Can handle most roles when active and ready. I’m going for a 3 now but he could rise to high 3 / low 4.

Shadow - bag is another player who has gotten much better. Fits in with the better 3 ballers. Not a guy to handle the hevi roles but does well as support. If he keeps developing he’ll challenge the best of the 3’s before too long. Mid 3 for now.

browning - Dangerous player who doesn’t take the flashy roles but is still deadly. I think he can handle any role but I haven’t seen him trow. I’m going with a 4.

empy - Has played a lot over the years but still needs development. I’m thinking high 2.

East Wind - edub is a great player. In more than a few games he proved to be the difference maker in mwc. Champion many times over and can do all the roles. Great game awareness. Good cap as well. I think he fits better as a 5 then a 4. 5 balls brah.

PK - peeekay is a great player with a very interesting style. He seems to love a high pressure pace and does really well at it. You can see this if you ever 1v1 him, which he’s pretty damn good at. Won at least 1 mwc I can think of and is a dangerous player. Good with arty and meele rushes. 4 balls

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