Last week of Slugfest coming up! 6th October

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Last week of Slugfest coming up! 6th October

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Even if you have missed out on games you can still get points!

Edit: ive pushed it one week ahead, because I had a very bad sickness and was unable to host the finals. These things happen, so you got the rest of this week for catch-up games and ill host the finals the usual time.

Firstly- make sure you have the maps that you have missed out on here

Secondly- Host your game or get someone else to according to the settings. make sure you must have six players in your game, 4 players MUST be from the player pool listed here, the other 2 player spots can be used to fill the game as subsitutes but preference spots go to those
who have registered on the tournament

Finally- Send the Replay information by Private message myself through these forums or alternatively contact me in person with reference to the G.O.S link to download from the website.

After the end of this week, any late films will no longer be legit!


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