One day tournament - This weekend

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One day tournament - This weekend

Post by Asmodian »

Is anyone interested in doing a 2vs2/FFA/1vs1 tournament this Saturday since there is no matches this weekend?

If so post below letting me know what kind of tournament you would want to do and I''ll get something started (If Paris doesn't already plan on doing something). It could be something fun and short where it would take no longer than 3 hours for the teams/players that were able to make it to the finals.

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Re: One day tournament - This weekend

Post by dac »

i may embarass myself in such a thing

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Re: One day tournament - This weekend

Post by Hadzenegger »

likewise, depends on the start time and the drunken festivities for the weekend...

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Re: One day tournament - This weekend

Post by par73 »

I was going to nominate any of the team captains to step up this weekend and host a mini tournament.
Then I saw this post and saw another display of asmo's intelligence some have witnessed before.

I'm not going to do something Saturday (i do not have any plans to myth2), but i may do something Sunday around 2 pm EST along the lines of 1v1/2v2 and ffa/tffa, depending on the number of interested people at that time to participate in a 2-3 hr tournament. However it would be amazing to see something put together by other notable leaders in the community (gkgzakrkgklimpdantskiasmo) on Saturday !
Especially if there is a follow up Sunday tournament that runs in a different format of play (if you did a 1v1/2v2, i could do a ffa/tffa; if you did a solo-participatory tournament, i could do a small-team tournament.

Can't expect a huge showing or consistent turnout of interested players this weekend, but we can expect the possibility of it; and the possibility that someone will be there to organize them for competitive games acknowledged as a "competitive" "all-star" "mini-tournament" weekend.

Besides if someone ran a one-day tournament Saturday I would only be even more inclined to host a one-day tournament the day after!

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Re: One day tournament - This weekend

Post by Zak »

I will be hosting a ww4 tournament this sunday

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Re: One day tournament - This weekend

Post by Giant Killer General »

I would be interested in a 2v2 tournament. I think this would be the most popular choice as well.


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