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Myth II CD Giveaway

Posted: 03 Jun 2013, 18:51
by headhunter
Zagon had a great idea today.

We should make copies of the Myth ii cd (along with directions to mariusnet and other basic information) and leave them places like comic book shops, coffee shops, etc.

Re: Myth II CD Giveaway

Posted: 03 Jun 2013, 22:39
by wwo
Some people might claim otherwise, but Myth has a fucking steep initial learning curve. A collection of articles and tutorials should be included. Maybe even a list of players that newbs can contact for help.

Re: Myth II CD Giveaway

Posted: 15 Jul 2020, 18:21
by Asmodian
learning curve is very overrated in myth 2 imo(for an experienced gamer anyways), but the tutorials and contact info would be a good idea.

Re: Myth II CD Giveaway

Posted: 23 Sep 2020, 02:01
by par73
I feel the main issue with Myth's learning curve, when thinking about player patterns, is the lack of opportunities for a players growth. If the player wants to learn how to play the multiplayer, they'll simply dry out with a lack of exposure to gameplay and logging on to sit in the lobby for 30 minutes with 0 games or players available and logging off.

This relies on old players returning and logging on and interacting with the learners. Scenarios created such as scheduled competitive play or an active medium-large group meeting daily at specific times, can help in this absent learning curve issue. Some are critical of Akira joining Overdose's "n00bs" tournament, but I think he gave his opponents a challenging scenario they may not quite be able to give one another otherwise.