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Money League

Posted: 15 Jul 2020, 01:44
Anyone interested in doing a money league tournament? Say for example we'll have a 1 or 2 day tournament of 2v2 or 4v4. Each person participating buys in for say $20 to the tournament organizer. There would need to be a minimum number of entrants for it to take place. Winners will be split the full lump sum of the cash.

20 entrants x $20 per person = $400 in the pot, divided by the number of winners. I think doing a 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 type scenario would be ideal. Any more than that and the winnings are less attractive, plus since there aren't many active players around anymore, we'll take what we can get.

Since there is money involved, we will develop a system for "checking in" to a game using voice verification/passwords to games. Anyone caught dummying will be disqualified.

Re: Money League

Posted: 18 Jul 2020, 19:11
by Homer
I'm in.

Re: Money League

Posted: 18 Jul 2020, 19:12
by Homer
post it in discord.

Re: Money League

Posted: 20 Jul 2020, 01:31
by Lord---Scary Owl
looks like kirk missed all 3 clarma events, rough

paris and I are fine winning some more money

post this on discord

Re: Money League

Posted: 20 Jul 2020, 03:21
I don't use that garbage program.

Re: Money League

Posted: 22 Jul 2020, 18:04
by shadow
Everyone on discord, so it's only way for money league to happen.

Re: Money League

Posted: 02 Aug 2020, 06:38
by par73
And has happened, hence figured out how to use discord and get in on those money matches.


Clarma Events' 2v2

Preliminary Round 1 - Bracket Seeding

r1 par lso vs clank karma
SE1: Golden Bros vs CLARMA

r1 ew smo vs thal blade
SE1: Ew Smo vs Bladelanders

r1 monty hmp vs ghengis crun
SE1: Mt. HMP vs Ghengis Khan Cruniac

SE1: Sadren vs Limp Shaister
r1 adren samuel vs limp shaister

semi- par lso vs adren sam
SE2: Golden Bros vs Sadren

semi- thal blade vs ghengis crun
SE2: Bladelanders vs Ghengis Khan Cruniac

grand final par lso vs ghengis crun
Grand Finals: Golden Bros vs Ghengis Khan Cruniac

Clarma Events' 3v3

Preliminary Round 1 - Team Jah vs CLANKSTERS

Preliminary Round 2 - Bracket Seeding

r1 (Fire Alarm Finalists)karma shai ghengis vs Sex Lex spoon argos xel
SE1 - Fire Alarm Finalists vs Sex Lex

r1 blade khan thal vs par lso adren
SE1 - Mything Under the Influence vs Golden Bros ft Adren

SE1 - The Thrall Council vs Team Name
chaz hmp homer smo dant pk

r1 tirri arz gekko vs clank captain vasazel
SE1 - Team Nuclear Winter Sharks vs CLANKSTERS

semi finals
SE2 - Team Nuclear Winter Sharks vs Team Name
tirri gekko arz vs asmo pk dant

SE2 - Golden Bros ft. Adren vs Fire Alarm Finalists
par adren lso vs ghengis karma shai

Grand Finals - Golden Bros ft. Adren vs Team Nuclear Winter Sharks
PAL vs TAG ... yXDvNr1fAT

i think a team scenario is ok, wouldn't be surprised if some participants had their fees covered than others. a 20 entrant 1v1 tournament sounds great as well. i think ghengis put up a cash prize to the 1v1 melee tournament, spectators paid up for lso smo shad and clank to all have personal 1v1 matches. Perhaps you're a bit late on the money match craze, but if u want to keep it going, step into the ring and organize something.