3 vs 3 EXTRAVAGANZA Preview

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3 vs 3 EXTRAVAGANZA Preview

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It's the event we've all been waiting for The Three Versus Three EXTRAVAGANZA presented by runner up Karma and MWC Champion Clank Tank. Full m2sbr is on the line with the Euro's coming out in full for pride week. Teams have put their blood, sweat and tears into picking their maps and now it's all going to take place this Saturday July 11th @ 1:00 pm EST.

Now lets take a look at where the teams stand going into the Grand Event.

3 vs 3 Team Previews

#1 - Nuclear Winter Sharks - Featuring Tirri, Arzenic and Gekko - The whole fallback of the tournament was changed to get these Finish devils into the tournament; just imagine the m2sbr it takes to make that happen. Besides that there are only 6 players that play during the time these players are on so they have the surprise factor.


Prediction: Going into the tournament this tournament they are expected to take down the land of liberty and let the dollar bills rain.

#2 - Fire Alarm Finalist - Featuring Karma, Shaister and Ghengis - This team is solid all around representing the great country of The United Sates of America. Can anyone stop this Death Star of a planet destroying machine? Unlikely...UNLESS you can find their one weakness which has been known to show up in the most pinnacle moment leading up to an almost great triumph.


Prediction: A fire alarm of a finish getting 2nd place.

#3 - The Golden Bro ft. Adren - Featuring LSO, Paris & Adrenaline - What a summer for the boys in gold. LSO has become a myth wonder boy racking up the m2sbr in the 2vs2 tournament. But there is a long tail and it goes like this. Pride comes before the fall. Will The Golden Girls be able to continue their dominance or will they plunge back to reality?


Prediction: Falling into 3rd place with back to back loses in an extravagant way leading up to the mwc finals

#4 - Banana Boat - Featuring Cruniac, PK & Asmodian -The Banana Boat can be unsteady based on the waves thrown at it, but on a perfect day it can be a graceful 12" torpedo that shines with majestic grace. This team is a fire cracker hoping that the stars will align and the waves will be tamed.


Prediction: a 4th place finish as the waves deflate their e-peen.

#5 - Mything Under the Influence - Featuring Limp Blade & Thalander - Mything under the influence of what is the question... Are we talking about mything under the influence of ICBM or BIA? This rag tag crew will have good times minus the ability to riger-roo.


Prediction: 5th place finish focusing their influence on greater things; a myth world cup and map selections.

#6 - The Thrall Council - Featuring Seeker, Homer & HMP - The Thrall Council might not hold the prestige of The Trow Council but their methods are just as effective. Strength in numbers and reckless Thrall Walls will lead to superb results. Expect this team to play dirty through their picks and shenanigans.


Prediction: 6th place finish with a heart of a thrall in a forest giant kind of a world.

#7 - The Bench Warmers - Featuring Xel, Spoon & Argos - The Benchwarmers are a team of overlooked players just waiting for the opportunity to grasp ultimate m2sbr, IS THIS IT? One would say Xel has already reached the level of myth stardom, but not according to his myth comrade tire who calls him 2 balls. The bench is warm no more these boys are ready to play.


Prediction: a 7th place finish, but they will have a front row seat from the bench afterwards.

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Re: 3 vs 3 EXTRAVAGANZA Preview

Post by par73 »




how did the teams actually end up compared to asmo rankings? i'll leave those rankings in parenthesis as I break down a recap of this tournament styled event.

first of all, the highlight of the 3 on 3 was the match between the 9th and future 5th* place team
who were these guys ?
team CLANKED: Vas Captain Clank
TEAM JAH: Jahral, Bridgestone, Joeku

this match was truly of EPIC proportions in the moment of qualifications (DELAAAAAY) for a nice friendly money match tourney between myth savages.


unfortunately for team jah, bridgestone was too busy thinking about the 3v3 tourney and wishing he was in it instead of actually checking discord and realizing he was entered in the tournament with a match pending. this actually happened.

jah of course told everyone bridgestone was on the way, but jah cracked the brews open early for breakfast forgetting he forgot to tell bridgestoned things he forgot about, also giving spectators units almost disqualifying his team from the tournament. the spectators knew to support their fellow myth player in need and handed the units to JEOKU, who saved team jah and helped carry TEAM JAH to a 2v3 1-0 lead.
however the next map was not flag rally rest in pieces with forest giants ANYMORE. oh no, it was gyre in the wabe and captain and vas carried clank to an easy win, dominating team jah with their two fetch. the final game was on something that karma picked and the team of two were unable to overcome the team of three, the series ending 2-1. Props to the only other team in this tournament featuring business associates players in TEAMCLANKED.


every team who lost in the first round went 0-3*, unfortunately. one could separate them by the damage they inflicted or how close to controlling objectives they were but I am not that one this time. they are:

Round One Eliminated Teams 5-8th (SMO POWER RANK)
thrall council (6th)
the bench warmers (7th)
mything under influence (5th)
team clank (unranked)
limp was missing from -mui- with ska unavailable to sub, so -mui- was more like ** AOC ** with hwak* of house c/)Agents subbing to play with thalander of Order of aurelius, blade of house Cacra. legendary orders but unfortunately their representatives fell short. you can find out why in that youtube link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RyL0YGfDUE

these teams have great players. unfortunately for them they played other great players who had better days, but at least they did not end up in 9th place or as non participants (see evil jake, grim, liger, CU)
are they tied for 8th place? or tied or 5th? i don't know, but many of the eliminated continued to stick around and support the remaining competitors, either hoping the team that knocked them out would lose or that they would win the whole thing. great sports DEBUNKING THE STEREOTYPE for all of the bullshit comments about the myth community's toxicity once again.

so far, Asmodian has some great and accurate predictions, very reminiscent of his performance in the MWC20 predictions where he earned 3rd, arguably 2nd, but 3rd place!

4th: Fire Alarm Finalist 4 Wins - 4 Losses - Featuring Karma, Shaister and Ghengis (POWER RANK 2nd)
this team was predicted to do very well and it makes sense why. unfortunately for smo's prediction streak and the fire alarm finalists, that fire alarm sounded in round two and this team ended up performing worse than the other teams whom advanced through round one. you can catch some legendary moments against them in that sweet sweet youtube link. man if im in any tournament ever i hope i have these guys on my team and not the other way around. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RyL0YGfDUE

3rd: Banana Boat 5 Wins - 4 Losses - Featuring Cruniac, PK & Asmodian (POWER RANK 4th)
asmo humbly gave his team the number 4th ranked team in his pre-tournament power rankings. i question, and do think, it's this humbleness that becomes a subtle undertone in the sense that perhaps this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. this team is a team like many of the others featuring great players that had the capability to reach the finals.

it is disappointing that there was no consolidation round between these teams, or even a mini-tournament between the first round eliminated. Although, i do understand the premise of the tournament was not to cater to the eliminated but to the champions. i think it's these subtle touches in a tournament that can create an even better experience for everyone involved. with a little direction I think the majority if not all of these active participants would have been willing to play some more myth. as a TO it's best to remember at the very least all participants invest their time, if you want people to keep playing it's best to reward this behavior with encouragement.

2nd: Nuclear Winter Sharks 9 Wins - 6 Losses - Featuring Tirri, Arzenic and Gekko [POWER RANK 1st]
Asmodian wrote:
08 Jul 2020, 17:17
The whole fallback of the tournament was changed to get these Finish devils into the tournament. Just imagine the m2sbr it takes to make that happen.
Only a myther could imagine it, but I remember being a teenager and looking at tirri arz and gekko like they were gods of the realm. I don't mind playing at these european times every once in a while but consistently is difficult enough, on top that this type of arrangement becomes another classic Eu vs Na Myth match up.
Asmodian wrote:
08 Jul 2020, 17:17
Besides that there are only 6 players that play during the time these players are on so they have the surprise factor.
This is where I lose these predictions, on top of the rankings. these rankings are far more accurate in maybe 2012 or 2007 than 2020. NA players must put themselves first and before the euros because euros would no doubt do the same! USA this is why asmo should have ranked his own team or humbly another na team as #1. this no doubt quelled the interest of the euros who did not feel challenged and felt as if the one ring of myth was once again in their grasp. the mwc grand finals then happened a day later.

1st - The Golden Bros 11 Wins - 3 Losses ft. Adren - Featuring LSO, Paris & Adrenaline - (POWER RANK #3)
Asmodian wrote:
08 Jul 2020, 17:17
What a summer for the boys in gold. LSO has become a myth wonder boy racking up the m2sbr in the 2vs2 tournament. But there is a long tail and it goes like this. Pride comes before the fall. Will The Golden Girls be able to continue their dominance or will they plunge back to reality?
Lol i don't know what is more entertaining. Smo dodging giving Golden Bros #1 rank even after lso's two 1v1 and 2v2 CLARMA victories or the fact the 2v2 Golden Bros teamed up once again after a fresh win with adren down to gel. Very basic VEGASODDS odds at this point would simply tell you this team had the best chance to win to begin with. Yet shade is shade for what shade is worth. I also guess it's mwc finals psych warfare hype against LSO with the MWC finals lingering less than 24 hours away but who knows, really can't believe SMO did not make a golden state warriors splash bros reference here. cheers tho, smo power rankings every tournament plz

*and by hwak I meant khan


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