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Mythers as Units

Posted: 21 Jun 2020, 17:38
by Homer
After Renwood uncovered The Tain in Grandads tool shed behind the burlap sack of Nazi memorabilia he transported us all into the world of Myth, and we woke up to find ourselves with new bodies, some stronger, some weaker, some inhuman.....This is simply a record of who became what during those times, but the stories that took place over those decades are yet to be told. They remain in my journal for another time when perhaps we will find ourselves bored enough to open those dusty pages. Many will disagree on the events that took place but I am simply a messenger and my eyes cannot forget what I saw...

Myrkridon - Wild BC’er. Inclined to turn on team and begin attacking them for no good reason. A Slave to their emotions at the moment, their team occasionally walks on eggshells around their insanity...I could not be certain they were my Myth friends but one spoke in a foul devilish language tinged with a Boston accent.
Mythers who became those bloodthirsty devils - Paris, Clank, Verminix

Fetch - Cunning and wicked creatures. Wear the skins of others to hide their inner pain and ugliness. Make great TO’s. LGBTQFetch. Identify as asexual creatures from another realm, brought by the Leveler to bring pain to the humans.
Mythers who became the nightmares and our torturers- Grim, Limp, Cu

Maul - Ruthless damage taker, given the bulk of units you know will die as a ploy for the real strategy, this person lacks finesse and clicking ability, doesn’t know what a flank is 20 years into the game, and is now too embarrassed or too dumb to ask. It can only go mid and push until death. Perfect for distracting the enemy into thinking they are gaining ground.
Mythers who became these hardy sacrifices - Jahral TOAD

Bre’Unor - Majority of speech in capslock. Cocksure and has a hard time communicating with other mothers. Hurls insults and skulls and turds to get the attention deserved. Very dangerous on the battlefield.
Mythers who lived in isolation and threw shit at us - Cruniac, KROK.

Wight - Destroys everything it touches (including its own teammates). Beautiful pale skin stretched over their torsos and sewn back up with the body parts of those they've betrayed over the years. They carry the pestilence to every game they enter.
Mythers who became walking bombs- Zaknafein, Raziel

Trow - Great at destroying things, but once great builders. A solid individual when pointed in the right direction. It can take massive amounts of abuse until eventually kicking you in the stomach. All around great player, drawn to both the light and dark.
Mythers who became these stone giants - East Wind, HMP, and Tirri.

Alric - Master of Myth lore, a great leader, can be in multiple places at once and has been known to win in 2v1 or 3 v1 situations. Has no ego, only seeks to unify the last of the legion of remaining mythers in the battle to overcome the dark forces of division and trolling which now plague the myth community. He sits awake at night unable to sleep when the only games in que are Mazz and WW2. How did it come to this? Will he be able to resurrect the greatness of the Cath Bruig Empire by filling up all of GOS halls with players. It seems like an impossible task for any one man to take on. The last of his kind - magic must run strong through his veins to realize the dreams of a Kingdom once more flowing with activity. He always flys with Comet in his name field, although he does not seek such recognition.
Myther who brought us into the Golden Age - Renwood

Soulblighter - Has the ability to end the great war with tremendous BC skills. Instead tunnel visions on killing 3 archers and loses miserably.
Myther who lost the great war against Renwood - Adren.

Warrior - dependable rusher and captain, not an exceptional player but always trusted to lead. Won’t entirely fuck up a flank or role.
Myther who captained us when we could not captain ourselves - Garrick

Beserk - Great at not following directions, runs across the map to rush the first enemy unit he sees. It cannot be directed at all. Willing to die for no reason. Aggressive and homophobic. Tends to rush into a much larger melee group and die horribly. “Freehands”
Mythers who died valiantly accomplishing nothing - THOR/RAWR

Heron Guard - Highly honorable skilled player seeks to preserve the honor in myth, not much of a shit talker, tries to heal the rifts in the community, and unite us. But many of his brothers in arms died because of his refusal to shed his plates and shovel.
Mythers who treated everyone with respect - Danstki

Soulless - Vacant soul, almost no personality, clumps into a single artillery shot. Snizzly
Mythers who snizzled - Kabuki, Babyshaker

Thrall - Unable to think for self or comprehend game types. Occasionally underrated though.
Mythers who filled the ranks of the undead - Flatline - Thrall Elite

Myrk Giant - A dangerous force to be reckoned with, but occasionally backfires and destroys his own team, this majestic BCer can fly off the handle at any time and become your worst nightmare and a detriment to the team.
Myther who blew up his own team with magical skulls and then Raged until he melted into an ash heap - GKG

Archer - Cowardly player, always holding back units + puss in reserve, will never willingly engage the enemy but instead finds the high ground and waits to be attacked. Strictly a defensive player, never give this person a rush. This person is more afraid of losing units, than losing the game.
Mythers who stood on the hill strategically - LSO

Deceiver - Always plotting, always planning, always stirring the pot, this person cannot help but the scheme, sometimes to the benefit of the community and sometimes to open up past wounds.
Myther who played both sides and confused everyone - Seeker

Dwarf - Fairly confident shit talker, often duds and then is run down by more skilled units.
Mythers who hurled explosives and insults only to later be killed, Shadow, Ratking

We battled, we raged, we talked smack on each other. Things were done that cannot be undone, terrible things. Men were tortured, literally to death. Lives were uprooted. Some of us had families and communities that were later burned out by the Legions of the Fallen. I cannot forget the loss of my village at the hands of Shiver's forces, many, if not all of the children were thrown into a pit for the Ghols to eat. Will I ever love again? As my sweet wife, Gertrude was beheaded by a thrall while picking berries in the field.

But alas who do I blame? Do I blame Shiver, who will later be revealed, or do I blame Adrenaline for his lust for power? Do I blame Renwood for uncovering Myth's magical artifacts, to begin with? Without which I would have never lived or loved in this other realm. It matters not, we are back now. Rooted in the world of men, in the 21st Century where tech reaches into our lives and controls us more often than we would admit like marionettes on the end of strings.

Because it is always easier to make a monster out of a man, than a man out of a monster. And so I must forgive and move on because what happens in the realm of Myth stays in the realm of Myth. And no, I will never love again, sweet Gertrude. But my time there was beautiful before and after the nightmare of the 2nd great war against Soulblighters armies. We must look ahead now, to the future, and cherish what we have preserved so far.

There were many more of you who became things, I cannot know or mention all of you, because the realm of Myth is vast and battles raged across the land. Some were heroes no doubt, and more than a few may have been absorbed in the ranks of the undead at some point. I cannot know. But we're here now enjoying the safety of our own homes.

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Re: Mythers as Units

Posted: 22 Jun 2020, 02:05
Its 2020. I was hoping to be photoshopped into a Myth unit or something. But since you included me as per requirements in the M2SBR Handbook for writing articles or making lists, I must be mentioned or it will be considered null and void.

Re: Mythers as Units

Posted: 27 Jun 2020, 20:36
by garnish
No mention of peasants? Farm animals? Wildlife?

Re: Mythers as Units

Posted: 01 Jul 2020, 21:02
Come play me on a trow Flag rally and see if i know what a flank is Homer. Could you even beat me at trow with just melee? I kinda doubt it. Actually i was thinking i would get pictured as a ghast or something hidden underwater so for me, the Maul is almost a compliment. I know how to do way more than rush but when i am drunk (all the time) its what i do playing with one hand and a beer or something in the other. Lets not take this to seriously eh?

Re: Mythers as Units

Posted: 02 Jul 2020, 03:06
Fun read and I am glad I made the cut. Even if it is just to be scorned. I drink that up like water