MWC 2020 Threat Assessment: Good Ass Guy's Team

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MWC 2020 Threat Assessment: Good Ass Guy's Team

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The roster I am using matches the one in discord at the time I am writing this, any discord updates will be accounted for
I will only give 5 balls to one player on each team, if applicable, denoting that player as the teams best player in my opinion
one more note, if you disagree with my Threat Assessments, prove me wrong in mwc20, I'll admit my error(s)

Good Ass Guy's Team
This team was originally assembled by seeker to boost mwc attendance and add another team to the pot, but as mwc grew and players started returning its gained more and more merit. With the rambunctious return of ratking this team has gained an actual captain. From the look of it, it doesn't have many huge name heavy hitters. Even though I would not list GAGT as a likely finalist, it may product an upset. - 3.5 Trow

ratking (captain) - ratking is a pretty decent player and a mediocre captain. he's only won 1 tournament as a captain where he had a stacked roster and was versus wwo captaining the other end. I will say ratking has good map vision and awareness, but he comes up with some pretty stupid strats and makes some odd calls. this was a constant struggle in mwc18, especially when he ignored all the notes I left on the week I missed and got swept. oh well the past is the past, lets see what strange shit he can conjur up this mwc. for the note im glad he's playing for gagt and not missing out this mwc! - low 4 balls (just thought I'd leave a note that he was shit talking all the other captains and I don't recall him ever beating me par or lb captain-to-captain in a finals, in fact the exact opposite happened :O O:)

- I dont know much about alk other than he is a solid role player, and he shows that he knows how to play the game. we'll see where mwc20 takes us, for now. - 3 balls

Akira - akira like myself and others has always been afflicted by the "overrate myself" syndrome. sometimes people break through and sometimes they don't. a positive reflection I can give him is that he is a solid roles player with decent micro skills. hes also pretty good at FFA which means he possesses some awareness - 3 balls

Big Chaz 007 aka DBSeeker - again I don't know much about seeker other than the fact that limp lets him into the passworded games, and he doesn't die stupidly or quickly. he doesn't make any big plays but he is smart with his units, and his tongue. - 3 balls

CheezeFist - "I am bad at this game" - cheeze. I won't dispute this. you are an excellent artist though, keep it up. - 2 balls

- after returning from a long hiatus clank has shown that he is still a solid myther. he micros pretty well and stays map aware. he can make some smart plays too. his bright green color is atrocious. - high 3 balls

Cruiser aka Ratbones - cruise has been playing a few games with us, and has shown that he can still keep his units alive and get some kills. he isn't showing great promise beyond that he will be a reliable role player for gagt. - low 3 balls

Cruniac - cruniac has always possessed pretty great micromanagement skills, and has always done a great job playing power units like trow and fetch. he tends to hate light myth, and suicides in rabble games when he doesn't get the units that he wants. all this being said, hes a pretty good player. I wouldn't compare him to the macro skills of the high 4's but hes definitely a heavy hitter - 4 balls

Ether - ether shows promise for more, but until he collects himself and goes all in he sits at the mediocre level. when hes present and trying hes a decent role player. I believe he'll keep improving, especially being added to teams like this one. - highest 2 baller

Homer - I would love to say confidently that homer is 3 balls, but after mwc19 I don't know what to think. he used to be quite solid, but I can feel the lack of effort through the PC. I have seen him play smart, and play quite dumb, but one thing will remain clear... he is a super fun teammate, hilarious, and writes great articles - low 3 balls

Kilgrath - kilg used to be a top tier heavy hitter, getting units like trows and fetch. unfortunately its been years since he played and he will need to get back into the swing of things. regardless I still feel like he will be heavy hitting alongside crun for gagt - high 3 balls

KingKilla - a noob who plays a lot of ww2. - 1 ball

Pallidice - wherever cruniac is, pallidice is. its like the gkg/dac combo but downgraded. anyways, palli is decent at the game, and can play trustworthy roles - low 3 balls

- shadow used to be much better, but has been really inconsistent lately. hes been making some odd moves and dying quicker. if he straightens his shit out he will be a solid role player for gagt, until then - 3 balls

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