MWC 2020 Threat Assessment: Avon's Grove

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MWC 2020 Threat Assessment: Avon's Grove

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The roster I am using matches the one in discord at the time I am writing this, any discord updates will be accounted for
I will only give 5 balls to one player on each team, if applicable, denoting that player as the teams best player in my opinion
one more note, if you disagree with my Threat Assessments, prove me wrong in mwc20, I'll admit my error(s)

Avon's Grove
whew... before I come across as a huge ass, I'd like to thank garnish for putting this team together and providing an actual trophy for the myth world cup. I don't know half the guys on this roster, and the other half just aren't good. garnish is also relatively knew to returning and he doesn't quite have the captain skills he needs down. - 1 trow

garnish (captain) - garn shows promise for improvement, but for now while he continues to throw together these tournament-beefing teams hes gonna remain a small fish in the pond. - 2 balls

Bridgestone - yo bridgestone, read the fucking chat. also you don't have to fight immediately just fyi. - 1 ball

Earthquake - who is this? - 1 ball

Jahral - a king at satchel pussing. it really helps that people see 2-3 ghols being run in odd circles by jahral and go, ehh I'll kill those before they kill an archer or something... then BOOM your melee are dead and jahral is laughing maniacally in the voice chat and chanting "oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah, I love ghols, oh yeah". jahral is one of my favorite myth personalities of all time and hes super fun to team with, but he's just not good at the game. - 2 balls

Jeoku - jeoku has compiled some fantastic youtube videos for myth explaining it and its story, you should ask him for the link on discord. other than hes pretty much only stuck to the campaign and dabbled in multi. - 1 ball

Kobolds Anonymous - hes played a total of 10 multiplayer games. he says "I see" a lot, if he played more he has a lot of potential. - 1 ball

Phace - a fun to talk to australian dude who plays casual ffa most of the day. he shows some micro promise, and could probably be groomed into a decent role player. - 2 balls

Reignoob - another aussie guy, I havent played with him much but when I have, he didnt impress me - 1 ball

Spektr - is this pacer? - 1 ball

Vigor - who is vigor? sorry if you're a real person - 1 ball

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