MWC 2020 Threat Assessment: Spice Boiz II men

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MWC 2020 Threat Assessment: Spice Boiz II men

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The roster I am using matches the one in discord at the time I am writing this, any discord updates will be accounted for
I will only give 5 balls to one player on each team, if applicable, denoting that player as the teams best player in my opinion
one more note, if you disagree with my Threat Assessments, prove me wrong in mwc20, I'll admit my error(s)

Spice Bois II Men
Enter the second edition of the Spice Bois, a new order of players who came together in 2019. This is the kind of group of guys where every single one of them are extremely likable and fun to play with or just chat up... but when it comes to competitive play they can't quite keep up with the top tier teams. If I were logging in drunk for a game of Urban Recon this would be the perfect list of players to be in a game with... but in MWC?? they are most definitely the underdogs - 2 trow

Walter Wight (captain) - ww is a special case. wandering in around 2018 he seemed to be a new player. this is in fact not the case, he is the Bad Monkey from clan gru. why he kept his original alias hidden is beyond me or anyone else. regardless, ww shows lost of potential to keep improving, but for now isn't too good at much - 2 balls

Empyphil - everyone knows empyphil, hes got big tiddies according to cheezefist. empy isn't too skilled at the game either, but he has flashes of promise. - high 2 balls

Father Xmas - after all these years of hanging around, xmas is still not very good at the game. he can be semi-reliable at times but others just jump into the deep end. - high 2 balls

Killerking - kk is arguably the best player on this roster. hes played as a roles player for much better teams and has a keen mind. he has decent micro skills but hasn't developed past that. - low 3 balls

Reekfish - I don't know much about reek but see xmas or empy's TAs. can decently micro sometimes. - high 2 balls

Scratch - another case of, has been here for 100 yrs but hasn't quite developed past a low cap. scratch is a fun guy to team with though, and he listens well. - high 2 balls

Spy - spy is a recent ww2 to reg convert (perhaps the next crun/ew), and he is already showing much promise. hes decent at microing and he is showing interest in learning more / diving deeper into strats and game knowledge. - low 3 balls

It might be beneficial for this team to pick up some more players, their roster ended abruptly.

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