Limp appears to have banned me

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Limp appears to have banned me

Post by Stonewall »

It appears as though I've been banned from the MWC2020 discord. I'm pretty surprised of course. It's unclear if he's just upset, or trying to intimidate me, or just arbitrarily banning people from the MWC. At any rate, the players should be aware that these events are taking place.

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Re: Limp appears to have banned me

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Whocares. No one will ever stick up for anyone. All LIMP wristed host has to say is oh,, he was spamming. or he was being aggressive to me. He will ban you while he sits in a corner and whines that his feelings were hurt. Others will make jokes about shooting LIMP in the face. He kicked me from the discord then to save face allowed me to return but blocks me from posting in general chat. Is it really so hard to scroll past what you don't like? No opposition to censorship, and no freedom or speech. Do my words hurt his little soft ears? scheesch... Roll a snowflake around a twinkie and that is this years mwc host eh?

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