I little guidance please

Gate of Storms (GoS) is a metaserver (lobby) for Myth II Soulblighter multiplayer where you can play online with friends and strangers alike for free.
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I little guidance please

Post by pyrcide »

My brother and I are old school myth2 players... I do some modding, give him the plugins and we play each other online. Its been awhile...years actually... last time marius.net was still working actually. Me and him both have v1.8, not trying to play anything modded, just regular myth2 levels, and despite shutting off our firewalls, either on of us hosting a game and the other one trying to join (on gateofstorms.net) we get the error 4994 message game may not be accepting other players or may be behind a firewall... Any help with this would be appreciated.

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Re: I little guidance please

Post by punkUser »

On modern routers you need to port forward to get Myth hosting to work directly. You can google around a bit about this or look on the Project Magma forums for some more info.

Alternatively, a feature in the Myth 2 1.8.1 beta allows a fallback proxy through the metaserver which allows anyone to host, potentially with a little bit of extra lag. You can grab that public beta from http://projectmagma.net/ if you want (only the host needs it) and see how it works for you.

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Re: I little guidance please

Post by wwo »

Use your browser to go to this url

This is probably your router. Look for a "device" tab and find your computer's ip for your LAN, which should be like the router's ip but with the last number different.

Now look for "port forwarding". It's likely under an "advanced" and/or "security" tab.

Make a new entry, name it "myth2". Set tcp and udp to forward port 3453 on your computer's ip. For some routers this will be 1 combo step, for others you'll do tcp and udp individually.

Log out. You should be able to host now.

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Re: I little guidance please

Post by par73 »

Also, if you or your brother are constantly reconnecting your devices to the router, those IPs may change.

In that case Everytime one of you wants to host, you should check your IP (on Windows) using Command Prompt and typing the 'ipconfig' command, and make sure it matches the IP for the device you have with the port forwarded. Notably, make sure the final digit set of the port you are forwarding matches the one listed in ipconfig.

Best of luck!

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