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Posted: 09 Feb 2021, 18:44
by spoon
Hi All!

Since Gate of Storms is down, I'm opening early for regular use ( is a metaserver basically identical to GoS, so all the regular stuff like hosting and playing games will work.

Go to the website linked above and make an account, linked to your Steam account just like GoS. Then, download the server plugin and put it into your plugin folder. Once thats done, you can select CrowsBridge from the "servers" section of the multiplayer login screen.

Some visual descriptions on the Myrgard discord are linked here: ... 5778864168

The plugin is linked at the bottom of this post (zipped, so unzip it) and will be uploaded to The Tain ( is still under development as I didn't expect to need it for a longer duration so soon. I'll make a post on The Tain soon as well and I'll update posts when I add the plugin to The Tain. If GoS comes back online, I'll turn off so I can keep working on features like ranked and downloading game recordings, etc but for now, is up and I'll make announcements when I need to take it down in order to test a new feature. If you have questions, feel free to contact me here or on the various discord servers.