A matter of preference and brain wiring

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A matter of preference and brain wiring

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In my years of mything I've observed a clear difference in personality traits that correlate with Myth Game Type preference. Am I biased, no.

The FFA player enjoys control of his own trade and a full squad of units. The FFA player is unhappy when having to share this control and or being directed by another captain. This can be seen by them usually ignoring orders from captains across the board in both game types. You would then naturally associate this person's inherent Joy for control with a high care factor. But interestingly Myth scientists have studied these people and have shown the opposite to be true. Instead, there is usually a lack of care associated with their play, as they can often be seen suiciding, not using formations, going AFK, or refusing to play game-type even though it may be what they picked.


Some studies have shown these people's lack of gaming skill is largely associated with a shrunk or damaged cerebral cortex. Formative year brain injuries have been studied and proven in multiple mythers who behave this way, Edulus, Summer, and the list goes on. Time has proven to not be there friend. Years of this repetitious behavior have actually reinforced their lazy playstyle and recent brain studies have shown massive and progressive trauma to their head. This could also be associated with drug and alcohol abuse. It's shockingly similar to CTE or According to the Boston University CTE Center, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is a degenerative brain disease found in athletes, military veterans, myth players and others with a history of repetitive brain trauma. It comes with an innate ability to not learn from one's past mistakes and failures.

On the other hand, the 2-team player flourishes under the context of strategy, direction, and teamwork. This player is usually far more effective with a smaller number of units because they understand their own limitations in multi-tasking 20+ individual units. The other interesting anomaly here is that these same players can typically also handle a larger number of units effectively when forced to play in a FFA match setting. Contrary to what you would think the 2-team player can in fact translate their more organized style of play to the FFA setting with winning results most of the time. Of course, there are exceptions if for example 2 or 3 of the CTE FFA players refuse to play game type and rush the 2teamer there is little hope of victory no matter how efficiently they play the game.

The 2 teamer is someone who finds the value of myth not just in a competitively complex clicking match that requires microing and multi-tasking on a grand scale but also the implementation of strategy and adapting to surroundings on the fly arousing. Increased brain function during this time has been shown to make these players great dads and men of the house who can adapt to stress easier when pulled in a multitude of directions.

The FFA player on the other hand is associated to be more neanderthal like, given one tool they can occasionally figure out how to use it effectively but if directed to anything more complicated or complex than going forward or crushing something they become totally lost and often crumble under the pressure.


A general state of apathy often defines the FFA players living outside of myth, if they were for example to drop a piece of pizza on their lap, they may just brush it off to the floor and clean it up later, like 4-6 months later. The 2 team player, under the same scenario, may communicate that he's dropped pizza on himself and then proceed to either finish the game or hand off his units to a team-mate while going to get paper towels and clean it up.

In a blind study, 12 players were pooled together and seated at the same computer. All of those players were given a gaming setup with a broken mouse and directional keys where the W was broken. 8 of those players proceeded to communicate their handicap to their team, and 6 of those 8 went in to correct their controls on myth by changing W as their forward key for units to another button. But four of those players not only failed to relay any such handicap they simply played on without being able to move forward in the game with their camera. As you can deduce they died horribly in the game. When that sample group was later polled (coincidentally) the four that had no reaction their mouse and keys not working, had strong preferences for FFA over 2-team. While the group that reacted to the faulty equipment had strong preferences for 2 teams.

In conclusion, FFA players have over the years been proven to be sub-human in many ways. Letting their baser instincts dictate almost every decision they make. While 2 team players have trended towards adaptation and ever-evolving strategy and skill.