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General Information:

We will either have 36 or 18 teams depending on how many people sign up. There will be 6 brackets of 6 teams or 3 brackets of 6 teams.

Teams will be placed in pools and participate in a 2 week QR. In the 36 team scenario only 18 teams will move on for the QR to move on to the elimination round where teams will be placed in 3 pools of 6 teams, the top 2 teams from each of those pools would move onto to a final round. In the case of 18 teams, only 6 teams will move to a final round (top 2 teams in each pool).

The finals will be different from other rounds. All rounds up to the finals will all be 6 team ffa maps and 5 games per week. The finals will have the first 3 games be 6 man maps then the team with the lowest score will be eliminated and the 4th map would be a 5 man ffa map. After the 4th map the next lowest score would be eliminated and the last 2 games would be 4-team ffa maps.

Team Size/registration:

In order to register a team send me (Asmodian) a pm in discord with your team. Teams can range from 1-3 players, but a maximum of 2 will only be allowed in each game (If you have 3 show one will have to sit).


The scoring will be as follow...


1 point for the team with the highest dmg in a game.

Start Date/Schedule:

The start date will be Saturday June 6th.

Fallback is 2:00 pm Est for pool 1 (QR only)
Fallback is 11:00 pm est for pool 2 (QR only)
Fallback is __ est for pool 3 (QR only)

Elimination rounds fallback is 2 pm est Saturday

In-game Rules:

PT set to 1:30
Overhead map on unless other why stated.
No blowing objectives (balls) off the map
No alliances

Tie Breaker Rules for Finals

Tie breaker will be determined by the following.

Team with the most wins in the final round moves on... if that’s a tie then the team with the most total combined dmg in the final round will move on.

If there is a tie for first place after all games have been played the champion will be determined by total victory points.

Victory points = total number of points from all rounds combined.

Scoring for 5 man map = 5-3-2-1-0

Scoring 4 man map = 4-2-1-0