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This feels exactly like last year's "Asmo's Draft" and the teams look quite similar.
This is my take on the teams. I'll include a personal rating beside each player, an overall take on the team, and an assessment of the captain.
My scale is 1 - High 4 so don't wad your panties if you don't have a 5

Team Ratking (No Unique team name so far... Disappointing)
Compared to the other teams in asmo's draft, this one is definitely competitive. Its got some good chemistry between the top 6 teammates as they've teamed in tournaments and played together before. In terms of heavy hitting and filling in bigger roles we can expect consistent and solid play from Arzenic. We will probably see both rawr and PK stepping up to take secondary heavy hitting roles as well as Ratking filling them in on dark maps. KK and EJ will fill in the lower roles well. This team, if they all show and play top notch, is a contender for the win.
Ratking - Low 4:
Ratking is the most confident captain there is, or at least publicly so. He has what someone in discord called GKG Syndrome which is summed up as: Myth is dead so they win as captain now. Don't get me wrong, Ratking knows what he is doing and can execute it. He will provide a solid captain for this team and can take them to the win. In my opinion his main weaknesses are that he is too confident, and that he might not always use all of his teammates to their potential.
Arzenic - High 4
Rawr - High 3
PK - Low 4
killerking - Low 3
EvilJake - High 2
Walterwight - Mid 2
Seeker - Mid 2
EmpyPhil - Low 2
Jahral - 1

Zak's Kids
I'm not quite sure if Zak took his draft seriously. If he did, well then this is Zak's team. I'm not too sure I've seen Zak captain recently and im not sure of his success but I feel like if every player here shows up and tries then this team could do some damage. Its reliant on Cruniac as its main heavy hitter which might not turn out too well. If Zak can tug him by his ears then he will no doubt show us what's up. After cruniac this team is filled with medium role players so I don't really see a candidate for secondary heavy hitting. Lets see what xel can pull out his sleeve after over a little more than a year.
Zak - Mid 3:
Zak is notorious for trolling and not taking things seriously, but he recently mentioned on discord that he is "too old to troll". I haven't seen Zak seriously at the captain chair ever but I have confidence in him. He doesn't strike me as dumb or naive so I have confidence that with help from wwo and cruniac he can work with this team.
Cruniac - Low 4
Xel - High 3
Wwo - Mid 3
Shadow - Low 3
Garnish - Mid 2
Flatline - High 2
Ether - High 2
Liger - High 2
Vigor - ? (1)
Sneeks - 1

The Flock
This roster isn't much different from my last year's asmo draft team (which got 1st in the round robin and placed 2nd in a 3-4 finals). It has very minor differences actually. I think that our team chemistry and our inevitable ludicrous theme will bring us to the top. Adrenaline and thal will provide solid heavy hitting, no doubt, in both light and dark myth. Spoon, vasazel, and nemesis are good role players who will mesh well with myself and my two heavy-hitters. The Flock is ready to fly!
lordscaryowl - High 4:
I have a few recent tournament wins, being in the captain seat. I know what I'm doing and have a good team. My self-diagnosed weakness is that I can get caught up in the fighting sometimes and forget to check up on my teammates. Catch me leading our epic vanguard flight formation to victory.
Adrenaline - High 4
Thalander - High 4
Vasazel - High 3
Spoon - Low 3
Nemesis - Mid 3
Spy - High 2
Scratch - Mid 2
Jeoku - 1
Overdose - 1
reignnoob - 1

The Cab Show
This team also looks pretty close to its last year's counterpart. Asmo, as well as myself and Ratking, is a proven-to-be solid captain and will have this team in shape. If paris can show up, he and limp will provide no-doubt quality heavy hitting. My only concern is that paris is a massive gamble: he will either play like god himself or show up and lazily click around entirely spaced out. I am confident in argos to roleplay but am concerned with rodekill and funk, as it's been at least a year since either of them have played. Alfi is a promising upcomer. I can see this team taking the win.
Asmodian - Mid 4:
With entire offense to the others, I see asmo as my hardest opponent in the captain's chair. Last year he took the win from me, and can do it again. With plenty of experience under GKG asmo is confident in himself and knows what he is doing. In saying so, I would say that he does also have his weaknesses and is in no way a godly captain.
Paris - High 4
Limp - High 4
Argos - High 3
Rodekill - Low 3
Funk - High 2
Alfi - High 2
Azrael - Low 2
Fatherxmas - low 2
Powr - ? (1)
Bridgestone - 1

To summarize:
This will be a close and fun tournament, with all teams having the ability to win.
If you disagree anywhere or took offense to anything... prove me wrong.
Goodluck all!