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Imageofficial • Ϩ₮ØИЄƉ ₮ЯØШ • recomended mapsImage

Every week, I'll be featuring a few maps from the sprawling FFA League Map Pack. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the map pack and make good selections come game day!

Week 2: First Week of FFA League Regular Season Play

1. Peace on the Ramparts (Dark)
4 Starts
Units: Morts, Fetch, Dwarven Axes, Heron Healers, Myrks
A great remix of the classic Creation map. A big fortress with four ramparts & a moat dominates the mid. The dwarven axes are resistant to explosions, allowing the mid flag to be contested more intensely even when morts get up on the ramparts. Skilled fetchers will have their hands full shooting down morts raining from above.
Recommended game: FR

2. Meibatsu (Dark)
4 Starts
Units: Locks, Fetch, Beserks, Soulless, Thrall Elite, Spiders
Another Creation map, Japanese flavored, and an old FFA League staple. Fast and furious action around a geometric, soon to be defiled sacred space in the center. Tall pylons make deadly perches for your soulless and rock outcroppings are great shields for protracted lock/fetch battles.
Recommended game: KOTH

3. Green Acres (TE Light)
5 Starts
Units: Dwarves, Journeymen, Bowmen, Wights, Ghols, Warriors, Thrall
An OG unitset on this OG Badlands map. Oldschool hard rain & lot's of deadly pools for wight to lurk in, one of my favorites!
Recommended Game: STB

4. The Ritual Site (TE Dark)
6 Starts
Units: HGH, Fetch, Mauls, Stygs, Zerks, Souls, Ghols
In the original, this hellish underground map's terrain was too high, making the camera too close and the map more or less unplayable in competitive settings. We've fixed all that: this classic soma map, open and fun but with good chokepoints and corridoors for flanking, will surely please the FFA League masses!
Recommended Game: Territories

5. Ancient Tresspass (TE Dark)
12 Starts
Units: Locks, HGH, Fetch, Mauls, Stygs, Souls
A new addition to the FFA League pack, so let's give it a shot! A beautiful map with huge, labyrinthine cliffs that are a playground for souls, and a serene, Hieronymus Bosch-esque mid.
Recommended Game: BC
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Sorry for the short hiatus!

Here are this week'ss• Ϩ₮ØИЄƉ ₮ЯØШ • RECOMMENDED MAPS!

Dust Bowl Dark KOTH
5 start
Trow, Duff heroes, Fetch, Myrks, Zerks, HGs, Souls, Myrms

A wide open map gently slopes down to a middle depression. Lot’s of room to maneuver encourages both large scale maneuvering and fast and furious micro action. Bloody this beutiful grey-lit map of granite and lichen, swept by falling ash from distant fires. Hand made by the Nü Myth Kommitee’s own hmp!

Raisin Barn Light TERRIES
6 start
Dwarves, Fatties, fir’Bolg, Wights, Wars, Ghols, Thrall

The urban warfare CLASSIC imported from TFL by Renwood and oogaBooga. A dense town with a town square at its center sits amid scattered farms. Dwarves appear from behind burnt out shacks and peg you in the face with molotovs. Face melting fun!

Temple of Gor Ash TE Dark LMOTH
11 Start
Morts, Fetch, Myrks, Souls, HGs, Zerks, Myrms

Any FFA League veteran is familiar with Temple of Gor Ash Light, the classic BIG MONEY pick for any championship belt contender. But have you tried the newly rebalanced Dark mesh? Fetch flick the rain of mortars out of their way as your mykrs that feed off fear rush the blood stained ramps. Souls slip up the angles of the stepped pyramid doomed to an endless recurrence of gore.

Wanderlust Light BC
4 Start
Dwarves, Elven Arcs, HGs, Wights, Brigs, Ghols, Thrall, Minions

Fast, nimble, and big boobied elf arcs take the gentlemanly sport of arc duels to new levels. A single “deceiver arrow” allows you to steal one of your enemy’s units if you manage to land the hit. Pus and minions add high adrenaline micro situations as you try to keep your beleagered duffs alive. A very pretty, complex but small map lends itself to immediate gratification & abject splatter!
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1. Monsoon Bay (Dark) BC

4 Start
Morts, Stormcasters, Heron Healers, Mauls, Stygs, Zerks, Wights, Ghols
A growing storm is gathering over a coastal, tropical land punctuated with mysterious, brooding obelisks, lightning crashing. Fight off a variegated horde of fast, dark melee units with the ever-popular stormcasters. Based off the TSG "Disciple" unit, these electricity locks also have a special where they conjure a stationary storm cloud that zaps approaching units! Stygs, with their electricity resistance, add another twist to this maps delightful gameplay. A great map for twitchy lock dueling and skilled push-rushes.

2. Death's Lagoon (light) KOTH
6 Start

Dwarves, Dwarven Axes, Arcs, Wights, HGs, Warrs, ghols

Dead Man's Chest gone sour. The soupy marsh water laps against a center island over-fetilized with deathand undeath hacked to peices. A classic chest-like UT except with Dwarven Axes: slow, low health, but they pack a wallop and are highly resistant to explosives. Dye the middle island red under the gentle gaze of fluffy trees!

3. Rain on the Borogrove (Light) Terries
4 Start
Morts, locks, jmen, fir'Bolg, Zerks, Wights, Warrs, Ghols, Thrall Elite

A continuous drizzle falls on a lush, if soggy, muskeg crosscut by meandering streams and deep pools. Your lock dodges the poisoned tips of fir'Bolg arrows while a thrall elite blocks fireballs and your zerks and ghols close in on their arty from behind.

4. Bleak Spaces (TE Trow) LMOTH
5 Starts
Trow, morts, locks, mauls, hgs, warrs, ghols

A blasted windswept desert characterizes this maps with a PG UT but which plays more like Mudpit Dark. Plenty of goodies for your ghols to pick up!

5. Sleepy Hollow (OG) FR

5 start
Locks, Heron Healers, Fetch, Mauls, Zerks, Souls, Wight

The ORIGINAL locks vs. fetch trade, here is a map designed for complex arty battles! Believe me, when this beautiful map was released around 2000, this UT blew peoples minds. A mosaic of open spaces connected by chokepoints where bridges span narrow slot canyons and fast running streams + an open, flat center covered in paving stones with four small hills on its periphery.
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Tallow Abbey (Dark) CtF
4 Start
Duff Heroes, Fatties, Mauls, Jibbs, Myrks, Zwerks, Wights, War Caps
Low, rolling, verdant hills around a shallow, clear river cutting the map in too. A virginal glade ready to be defiled with cries of warfare and death. A panoply of fast tough melee closes in around six duff heroes, standing their ground, splattered in blood, dancing to avoid the pus-tips of the Jibbs' poisoned soulless javelins.

Insomnia (Dark) STB
4 Start
Morts, Stormcasters, HGs, Souls, Myrms, Ghols, Spids + 3 free wights.
Driving rain and cold mist intermingle with the steam from geothermal hot pools littering the landscape. A low, open landscape punctuated with small redoubts for your souls to plink plink plink the waves of myrms, spids, and pus...only to be wiped out in by the lightning lock-shots of the mighty stormcasters. Really fun map!

Leagues from Nowhere (TE Light) FR
5 Start
Dwarves, Wights, Arcs, lots of Ghols, Fatties, Wars, Thrall
The classic desert map from Badlands & one of the few Bungie sanctioned 3rd parties! This is the OG, ghol dominant UT on this classic map, which features complex terrain and elevation changes around the center & a more open perimeter. Ghol packs and a bountiful harvest of pus make this a great map for sacrifices to their dark, primal gods.

Hills of the Crow (Light) LMOTH
5 Start
HGH, Dorfs, firBolg, Wars, Myrms, Ghols, Thrall Elite + 1 free wight

The crisp fall weather here and with it comes this crisp fall weather map, like a good Imperial Pumpkin Beer or a bunch of dead bodies finely diced by HGHs and raked into a pile by Thrall Elites, red blood of the dead intermingling with the red of newly dead leaves. One of those great FFA League 5 starts that pulls of a truly fruitful asymmetry, and with an added twist: a bow of incandescence in the middle for any firBolg daring enough to seize it!

Mixed Blessings (TE Dark) BC
6 start
fetch, locks, myrks, HGs, wights, myrms, ghols, spiders

A map by the inimitable Soma! A blasted, withered world with its fossils poking out of the sands of its own dissolution beckons would-be slaughterers. A small but open map with little elevation change but subtle, highly tactical features, along with the powerful arty-dominant UT makes it great for quick Body Counts!

Distant Sands (FG) KOTH
6 start
FG, morts, Fetch, Myrks, Dwarven Axes, HGs, myrms

Deep in the inner desert, where all things go hungry, a feast of gore and wounding awaits. This is a great FR map as well, but the subtle, symmetrical approach to passability and elevation change in the middle makes it an even better KOTH map. The Forest Giants, powerful, fast, agile, but quite vulnerable to explosives, contrast nicely with the explosives-resistant but slow, clunky dwarven axes dragging their big, clunky, if deadly, double bladed weapons, making for interesting flag contesting dynamics.

Khuba Dhunmo
8 start
General, Morts, Fetch, Myrks, Souls, HG, Thrall Elite, Spids

Just in time for Halloween, bats flutter around this underground warriors-arena built by undead samurai of myth eras long past. Many comets have passed since we mythers have visited this map, the only known, truly viable locale for 8 man KOTH. A ring of hills gives way to an open middle, a number of burning idols heralding the flag for which so many ignoble warriors will die. A hail of cannon balls, slashing myrkridian claws, and inter-dimensional lightning bolts welcomes you to this paved gladiatorial arena ready for human and unhuman sacrifice. The general's deflection field combined with morts brings CBing potential to new heights...or will you risk your general to pick up the mysterious crown of power in the middle, that shining fetish sitting alongside the flag of our desires?

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