Gjol merge, logging in to metaserver, etc.

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Gjol merge, logging in to metaserver, etc.

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So some quick updates:

First, welcome to Gate of Storms.net! As you can see, the forums and accounts here have been replaced with those previously at The Gjol.com. That means that for those of you who already had accounts here, those are now gone, and you just have a single account to use for the forums (here) and the metaserver.

I will reiterate again though: don't feel obliged to get an account for metaserver purposes. You are more than welcome to log in as a guest. Simple pick whatever (unused) user name you want, leave the password blank and log in.

I have temporarily enabled user name changes since your nick name on the metaserver is your account name. You can change it by going to "User Control Panel" at the top of the forums, then choose the "Profile" tab, click "Edit account settings" on the left, enter a new username and click "Submit". I will eventually be disabling this feature so if you want a different metaserver name, please change it now.

And finally, for those of you who haven't logged on to the GoS metaserver yet, here's how:
1) Install Myth II 1.8 from http://www.projectmagma.net.
2) Launch 1.8, click Multiplayer, then at the bottom of the login page, click "Servers" and pick GateofStormsNet.
3) If you want to log in as a guest, enter any name in the login field and leave password blank.
4) If you want to log in as a registered user, enter your forum username and password (i.e. from here).

That's it for now. I'll try and get some time to post some more info on the neat features for tourney play on GoS soon.

Note again that it is not my intention to replace MariusNet for regular play, although I will leave the server up all the time if people do want to play on it. That said, you'll find that certain features like ranks, stats, etc. are missing or incomplete due to a focus on adding tournament-focused features. These features may be added in the future, but for now at least things are functional for basic play.