Covid Beckham Cup

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Covid Beckham Cup

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I have the joy to announce you the annual 1V1 FETCHBALL TOURNAMENT

QR will consist in 2 games, each player hosts 1 game. if you don't have a host, you are allowed to find a neutral host or let the opponent host if u guys agree.
2points for wins
1point for loss
try to play as many games as you can in QR, to get best seeding
All registered players will be placed in a single elimination bracket. Seeding will be done by points with the highest seed playing the lowest seed and so on.
End of QR : sunday 2Oth of December at midnight.

Top 8 qualifies to quarter finals, single elim
playoffs will best of 5, finals best of 7.
You alternate hosting, with top seed to host 1st game

In-Game Rules:
A ball is put into play by the referee who throws it in the center. Play continues until the ball is called out or someone scores. The referee blows a whistle when the ball is called out. It is important to DROP THE BALL if the referee whistles as he will want the ball to throw it. The warlock "enforcers" will discourage any recalcitrant ball holders.
No cheating : you are not allowed to do anything when the ball is called out, specially not scoring.
it's not allowed kill the referee.
Overhead On
Normal Difficulty (5 points)
Gametype = STB
Game Time = 9 mins
No ties, games have to until shootouts if need

If you do not adhere to the rules section you will forfeit the game. Please ensure to read the map rules.

How many people register will impact the schedule of this tournament. Brackets+ Schedule will be posted when registration is finished. Registration is from now and closes 12/8/2020 at midnight.

tourney starts as soon as we get 8 players, but other players can join even if tourney started. it will still be a disadvantage to seeding, as the more games you play, the more points you get.

Fetchball map by Vista Cartel:

you can practice Fetchball thanks that map Ducky made : ... aining-map
Contact me here on on Discord for any question or suggestion.

Have fun !

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Re: Covid Beckham Cup

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:mrgreen: Hey Xmas :!: :)

:arrow: Love, Mr. T (aka ska) :geek: :ugeek: :geek:
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Re: Covid Beckham Cup

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CBC 2020 Recap by Adrenaline
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