!!Welcome to the Tournament!!

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!!Welcome to the Tournament!!

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Welcome to Deers Grand Coop Gala 2020 Tournament

With great privilege I give to you the great deer coop tournament. My aim is to give everyone whatever the skill level the opportunity to play privately on a competitive level with their friends not having to worry about the timezone restrictions. In order to do this please read the forums carefully as it will require a small amount of effort on your part to make this work.

⦁ The tournament will have 3 coop maps per week ( to be listed In the maps section in both discord and the forums)
⦁ Unless stated in the rules, each map is only allowed to be played once, however you are allowed a single restart for each week to help ensure some points are scored.
⦁ Maps must be played in the Tournament rooms (THE HEAD / PHELOT) or they will not be legal, The maps need be submitted in the results section by the end of the week. No later than Sundays fallback 3PM EDT.
⦁ You can schedule your games with your team, so long as you post it in the discord/forum to provide me the time that you played your game legally.
⦁ At the end of the 5th week the team with the most accumulated points wins the Deer Tournament and community praise as this years coop champion.


Each team will require a minimum of 2 registered players to a maximum of 3 players per team. There is no limit how many teams that can register in this tournament.

You can register by either contacting me on
Discord (drunken deer #8323) or in the registration thread here or register on discord for your team.

The Tournament Begins 24th August, registration will close on the 23rd with no exceptions.

There are several ways to score points in this tournament, please read carefully.

⦁ Each Victory earns your team 2 points
⦁ Every 10% surviving in each game earns an additional 1 point (rounded up)
ie: you won willow creek with 94%, you recieve 9 points for that mission
⦁ Highest Damage a team inflicts on each game gives 1 point to that team.
⦁ Fastest Victory time for the team that completes each match first gets 2 points.

⦁ Each player is only allowed to be on one registered team
⦁ Subs and guest accounts are not allowed
⦁ You are allowed to restart one game per week
⦁ if a player drops within 5 minutes into the game you may restart one extra time.
⦁ games must be played in the tournament rooms or they will not count


Any suggestions will be taken into consideration but the general formula for this tournament to give you an idea will be
* one myth 2 level
* one TFL level on TFL setting
* one 3rd party plugin

Each 3rd party will be set at an appropriate difficulty and all official coop maps will be played on legendary

If you have any questions or dispute a rule please contact me for clarifications
my words is law.