WWII Tourney Week 2 Results

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WWII Tourney Week 2 Results

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We are currently halfway through the preliminary period. As of 5/30/2020, there are 7 qualified players: Karma, Spy, Overdose, Hobbes, Leo Chiozza Money, Key, and Thorin. The tournament is currently on a 3-day hiatus (unless S-2 happens!) and will resume on Tuesday.

Fluff Piece: Imagine watching an evil IRS agent working in his cheap basement cubicle...surrounded by old coffee mugs...a bowling trophy...a picture of a family he doesn't see...a degree from an irrelevant university...yet still clinging to the small amount of power he wields.

"I am essential to the operation of this great country!" he tries to remind himself.

With renewed vigor, he hovers over your tax return like how a fat man hovers over a slice of birthday cake...gripping a huge bright red 'AUDIT' stamp and ready to audit your ass for the slightest mistake.

"Let's see what we have here..." he says, as the investigation begins.

This nervousness is likely what many people are feeling when they play against Karma, currently ranked #1.

While each player's stats have generally gone down as more games were played, Karma rode the momentum of a monstrous 11-game winning streak to nearly double his score.

Karma is also known as a heartbreaker. As yours truly somehow managed to shoot an RPG backwards over his own head and kill an enemy then shoot down another enemy, Karma put an end to the comeback story with a stab to the gut...both literally and emotionally.

Coming in at #2 is Spy, who maintains excellent ratios and has a chance to catch Karma if he PLAYS MORE AND STOPS GOING TO BED EARLY.

#3 is irrelevant.

If the tournament were to end today, Hobbes would be the 4th and final captain. A high variance player, both his damage received and damage given numbers tend to be very high. We will see if he can improve his score in the coming weeks.

Until then, Karma is like that guy who was never really invited to the party but hangs around, tells bad jokes, drinks all the booze, yet nobody really wants to kick him out. People are just kinda hoping he goes away on his own. However, all evidence points to Karma continuing his domination of the tournament.

God help us.

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