Gate of Storms (GoS) is a metaserver (lobby) for Myth II Soulblighter multiplayer where you can play online with friends and strangers alike for free.
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Howdy peeps.

Today I re-directed to this domain. Of course, the domain has been out of service for so long, I doubt it will really bring a bunch of new folks, but what the hell right?

The domain has a little less than a year on it's life and at the end, I will not be renewing it. If GoS wishes me to transfer it to them at any time, hit me up:

Play Myth, Have Fun

- Blades
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What's going on with these tweets?


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O cool beans!

Maybe as a backup to not have all the eggs in 1 basket would be a good idea.
In case interest is ever lost or something else happens there can still be another metaserver option to playmyth on.

Transfer it to garnish maybe? He is the owner of this site we are on now
Which is a good example of what I am talking about as a case study.

Punkuser didn't want to keep supporting the GOS forums and everything of the website and so was born and Garnish stepped to the plate


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Fuck you and your empty gesture you alt right cucklord. The myth community spits in your face for all you’ve done to damage our community
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No one gives a shit, seriously.

The Entire Myth Community


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I care LImp. Who do you think you're counteracting?
I'm assuming this is a dummy account because I know Limp imp isn't this dumb.

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