5/24 Update: Only 8 matches remaining in LFC2017 !

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5/24 Update: Only 8 matches remaining in LFC2017 !

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Alright bros, such is the case with pretty much any 1v1 tournament is the activity and interest towards the end dies in a slow crawl, as people often have better things to do with their time. :)

I'm not trying to close up shop though, I would like to see these events played out to the best of their ability. Phos has donated a prize, and now has dropped out of the tournament due to his future availability. In the Heron Guards group, this means Garnish will proceed past DE2 bottom bracket via forfeit, and play against the loser of Funk/Logan.

In the Trow group everyone is waiting for HMP and I to finish our DE1 match, while SlatE and Jahral wait patiently for their opponents in DE2.

There aren't often prizes for myth events or tournaments, take advantage of the opportunities and see where you end up ! The winner of the grand finals will receive the 25$ gift, and only two players from each division will have an opportunity to play for the money. 25$ isn't anything special but could buy you a new game, mouse, mouse pad, or a 30 pack and a few nips. Last year, Akira and Asmodian played for either 25 or 50 dollars and bragging rights through their 1v1 series.

Let's add to myth's legacy and have ourselves our first two consecutive years of 1v1 with cash prizes since the late 90s and/or early 2000s. Get those matches played! Good luck and let's wrap this up, so you 1v1 heads can focus on GKG's MFC or team players can focus on this years Myth World Cup!