The Personalities of Myth

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The Personalities of Myth

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The Personalities of Myth
Author: grim

An article I wrote during MWC07.


The Myth community has never been as large as the communities some other games have. Over the years it has shrunken in size. A smaller community has its upsides however. People know each other better and it's easier to recognize colourful personalities from the bunch. The Myth people may not be as flamboyant as the interweb communities of the day tend to be. I'm guessing this is because the community's members average age is over 20. However, there are some easily recognizable blocks, gangs and personality groups in this game. In this article I shall go through some of them. A lot of people fit into many different personality groups. The goal of this article is to piss off a lot of people and maybe spark up the forums a little bit, so please throw away your sense of humor before reading this article and get severely offended. Throughout the article I will also be using totally random screenshots, in addition to the set images for the groups. Enjoy!

The Myth Cool gang


To get a deeper look into this group of people, you need to go and read my article that I wrote during the aftermath of Mwc05. This group of people have usually been playing this game for a fair amount of time and they have a steady position within the community. For these people, reputation is everything. Basically, go read my other article and you'll get the grasp of it. If you don't feel like reading, just imagine Fonzie in Myth environment and you'll get it!

Examples: Go read my article! All the myth cool people are not listed there though. This group is relatively large has connections to all the other groups, excluding Bitter Betsy's and the Angry and Insecure.

Myth skills: They vary a lot. Usually pretty good though.

The Eternal Newbies


Every gaming community has these. You know, the types of people who just don't learn anything. Year after year you see them do the same mistakes and blunders. You can tell them to NOT keep the trows if they are capping. You can tell them to take a lot of pus in Desert. You can tell them to use the bloody space key when they are handling the locks, but none of this will help. They won't listen, they don't read the chat and they stubbornly refuse to learn anything. This means that not even the sturdiest Myth teaching methods (yelling and calling them names) will work on these goofs. They might do it just to spite others or they genuinely just don't get it. Either way, they just don't know how to play the game of Myth 2: Soulblighter. Their personality is usually pretty modest however (unlike the personalities of people from the "Angry and Insecure newbies" group). Even though they are pretty modest, it doesn't make them any less annoying when they join your games. The good thing for them is that they usually don't care if someone thinks they are bad at a video game.

Examples: Father Xmas, Se7en, all Italian mythers and the whole Rma team.

Myth skills: Not very good. Some of them are decent, but they just have the tunnel vision syndrome.

The Myth Veterans (a.k.a Geezers)


First I must clarify that there are a lot of people who have been playing this game since forever, but don't belong to this group. People who have remained more or less active since they started playing don't have the characteristics of the people from this group. This group of people, the Geezers, consists of people who started playing in 1998 and so forth, but they just "quit" playing after a year or two after. After the glorious MWC finals of 1999 they have only been returning for MWC's every summer. Don't tell them that however, because in their mind they always "haven't played in 4 years lol". It doesn't matter that they have played in every MWC since 1998. You will never be able to convince them that they were playing last year. If you ask them, they haven't played since 2000 or 2001, or since the pyramids were built. For them, the best players ever are those who haven't been spotted online since FDR was the president. Seriously though, IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE GOOD IF YOU WERE AN FFA COMET FOR A MONTH IN 1998.

Examples: Lina Inverse, Some Loser, Wight Slayer (<3), Tramist, Zaramis

Myth skills: Usually pretty average. Archering by dodging back and forth is only good up to a certain point.


The Teenagers


The people from this group are loud, annoying, immature, annoying and loud. Not all of them are even teenagers, they just behave like they are. Put two members from this group into the same room and - . Oh dear. When two or more of these people get together, you will most certainly feel like emowristing yourself. Sometimes it feels like that their whole goal in this life is to annoy everyone around them. They will also try to pull you down to their level. May God (cops) have mercy on your soul if that happens. They have also infested the forums, which in fact is not a bad thing. Watching these people on the forums is fun. Being on the same game with them, if there's more than one of them in it, is not.

Examples: Paris, Clank, Karma, Placid2

Myth skills: They vary, but usually good enough, because they have hyperactive clicking skills.

The M2SBR gang


Don't remember who won Wiffa back in 2000, and don't feel like contacting Elfoid? Just ask these guys, they will remember. For these people you are nothing if you haven't placed in top 5 of some tournament. Every time two members of this gang meet, they will start remembering the good old days and all the tournaments they have won/participated. Every blunder and heroic action will be mentioned. This group is also the master of post excuses. By "the master" of excuses I mean that they have a lot of them. Too bad they all just suck and usually mean nothing. You know, the good old "I didn't care", "there's not enough teams in this tournament", "I'm rusty" and "my skills peaked in 2001" excuses (now, for the last time: You can wear "rust" off by playing for a week or two. If you aren't good now you just aren't good. Face it.). The M2SBR gang is closely connected to the Myth Cool gang and the Geezers.

Examples: Flatline, Henry, Myrk, Soulblighter, Rattle Snake and everybody who gets pissed off by the part written with bold font.

Myth skills: Good most of the time. They vary a lot however. Usually much better than those from the Geezers group though.


The Developers


People from this group are dedicated to develop this game into new dimensions. They make maps, patches and maintain our beloved gaming servers. They all have one thing in common: you will never see them online and playing. All of them are keen on developing this game, but it's hard to say why they do it. They never play this game. I'm not sure if they ever have. This group has existed ever since this game was launched. These days their goal is to kill this game by making a bunch of addictive crappy plugins, like Mazzarin's demise. This trend started after they ran out of ideas how to enhance the map making abilities of myth by releasing a flood of patches everyone had to download. A game of Mazzarin will take 16 hours to finish, so it's impossible to get a game of anything else if there's a Mazz game going on. Even some of the finest mythers get sucked into playing these cruddy plugins.

Examples: Project magma people, Playmyth admins and Mariusnet admins.

Myth skills: Hell if I know. They're too busy worrying about how to balance the third wave of iron thralls. These people only have fear & loathing installed.

The Bitter Betsy's


This group is rather peculiar and small. Some people from this group have never played this game all too actively. Some of them quit ages ago, but still hang around the forums. Some of them are still playing, but not because they enjoy the game. They tend to hang around the most active forums and flame people. I'm sure all of us know at least one Bitter Betsy. Why do they flame people? Because for some reason they are angry and bitter, and they blame you for that. Their only goal is to spread the hate. Why are they bitter? I'm not sure. I don't think even they know why they are so bitter. It doesn't really matter. People from this group usually hang on to something that they have done or achieved and then talk about it for eternity. The Bitter Betsy's only share one common feature: the bitterness. Usually they hate each other as well. There are people, such as Clem who just flames everybody for no reason whatsoever. He doesn't need a reason, he is bitter. However, Clem is rather predictable. Every time Blades gets into a fight, he will appear. Every time someone is about to start a new project, he will appear and flame the living crap out it. People like Shinco are more random and selective. Shinco appears at random times and only flames few selected people, such as me. He is a more dedicated stalker than most Bitter Betsy's. There is no sure way to lure him out though.

Examples: Clem, Shinco, Spond Maxx, Toecutter

Myth skills: They vary, but far from top notch.

The Forum Posse


You know, those guys whose names you recognize, even though you have never actually played a game with them. Even if you have, the number of those games is very low. The members of the forum posse don't play a lot, but still everybody knows them. Their names are familiar from various different Myth related forums. You can easily tell who is a member of the forum posse, when you browse through the forums. They have around 500+ posts by the end of the tournament. Some of them reach this milestone during the QR. Their personalities are usually rather pleasant and they surely improve the forums a lot. There are some who nobody likes though, but still they just keep on posting. Some members of this posse have been spamming up the Myth forums since the beginning of time, but some of them only joined the posse more recently.

Examples: Cheezefist, Teh Elfroid, Zappo, Enculator and pretty much everyone who uses the Project Magma forums.

Myth skills: 735 posts and counting.


The Angry and Insecure


People who belong to this group are usually not very popular with the other groups. They can't really play this game all too well, but the problem is that in their minds they are awesome at Myth. If you tell them that they screwed up, they most certainly will talk back. The people who belong to this group are probably the most flammable people you can imagine. They also passionately hate other Angry and Insecure people. Anything Myth related can piss them off. The reason why this is so, is because they are so insecure about their status in the community. This also leads to the unpleasant fact, that they feel the need to boast about their ratios after each ranked game. The bulk of this group is formed by former TFL'ers and WW2/Raid people. Their transformation to regular myth just hasn't gone all too smoothly. They just can't accept the fact that they aren't as good at regular Myth 2, as they were at TFL or WW2. For some reason the members of this group are also quite often republicans.

Examples: Zagon, Ether, Placid2, Asmodian, , Kalmar/Elmer/Frej

Myth skills: Usually pretty average.

And finally:

The "Nice Guys"

Nice guys during the day:


Nice guys in moonlight:


The members of this group are usually seen as nice and pleasant people. Don't be fooled however. In reality these people are probably the meanest sons of bitches who play this game. They have a very unique skill of disguising their insults so that only the person being insulted understands that they are insulting him. For others it seems like the "Nice Guy" was just being friendly and nice. When the person being insulted talks back, the whole community will hate him for trying to flame a "Nice Guy" for no reason. These people work for the devil, I'm telling you. Some of them even are, ::gasp:: lawyers! The people from this group usually have no beef with anyone. Strangely enough, not even the people who they are stealth-insulting stay angry at them for long. This is most likely due to their devilish mind wiping abilities. The "Nice Guys" have close ties to the Forum Posse, since forums are also their playground.

Examples: Cu, Ducky, Ska, Tb, Dantski, Seeker (Shaister would belong to this group, but he was being careless and his cover was blown)

Myth skills: Usually pretty good. Not as sharp as their sarcastic and diabolic minds however.


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Re: The Personalities of Myth

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SomeLoser - Today at 7:38 PM

"Well, I havent played in the MWC since 2003 I think. No I'm not good at Myth anymore, and probably won't be any good. It would take time, and when there are no games, well. And I could be to slow these days with multi etc for all I know. With that said. It has nothing to do with who I was as a player. There were perhaps 40 000 active players when I was FFA comet in 1998. Basicly everyone cared for ranked play. And based on how the ranking system back then worked, you lost so crazy much pts losing a game that FFA was imposible to play for the highest ranks. But I did, and I was the only one who ever got to celest I think, and even more to get to be the comet (I did that one more time in 2001 on TFL when it was like "only" 2000 active players on TFL.). I played 6hours every day, and on weekends I played more. And I werent the only one who did. Thats how I got that good. If people wants to piss on that, fine. But they have no fucking idea what they are talking about, and in my regard they are just newbies who doesnt know better. I were top 5 ranked several times in M2 during a period with perhaps 50 000 active players. No idea who wrote that, but some fucking newbie no doubt. And I have watched some MWC films.. shit, people dont even micro these days. They fucking auto, with moonwalkers everywhere. So to say we couldnt dodge or whatever. Not that I think any of those names up there should be meantioned in the same sentence as me, very good players. But more like Flatline or something like that. Long post, but it kinda piss me off people play this game and think people who get back after 13 years must have sucked back then becuse they are piss now."
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Re: The Personalities of Myth

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with some loser coming back, at least one player from each group is active to this day.

fun re-read some 10 years later :P
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