Myth code of conduct

"...turning the godhead of the ghols into a monument to Balin's victory. Nothing else has done more to sustain the mutual hatred since the ghols raided the crypt at Myrgard for 'victuals'."
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Myth code of conduct

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Myth code of conduct
Author: grim

My first article ever! I originally posted this to the forums in april 2004. I reposted it to the MWC04 site and the response from Elfoid was quite legendary. His article certainly was better than mine!

Here's some quick tips for regular myth from The Great Myth Strategy General Guide by me. Reading this guide will teach you everything you need to know about myth2 and will ultimately make you a better person.

1) When you enter a regular myth game, you must not say anything, always be agressivly passive under any condition. This is the first thing you must learn if you wish to be a regular myth player. But if you do feel the urge to say something, let it be something like "gay " or "(enter random smiley)". No matter what the situation is, do NOT say "hi", "hey" or "hello". This would show everyone that you're a n00b and everyone would point and laugh at you. This would most likely lead to a boot also.

2) After the game do NOT say "gg" or "nice match guys". This is very annoying to the opposite team and will make everyone think you're a n00b and will most likely lead to a boot and Jesus will hate you. If you were on the losing team, always remember to tell everyone how you were owning but team were bunch of n00bs. If you were on the winning team, always remember to tell the other team that you won, because sometimes the other team might be a little confused and uncertain about the winner. You must keep doing this for months after the game.

3) Being pollite in any way will make everyone think you're a n00b and no one wants to play with you. Always just remain agressively passive.

4) Do not use caps lock under any condition. This is considered very annoying by everyone except people from the order "Legions of Avatara".

5) Do not use smileys like ": D" or ": P". Using these smileys would make you look like a idiot, and not even in the good way. Using : ( and : ) will make you fit in the gang.

6) Under any condition should you not show a sign that you would care, because then you would "care too much" and thus women will find you unattractive. Always remember that everyone else in this game is a normal outgoing individual who only plays this game to show how little he cares about it. If someone calls you a n00b or makes insulting comments about your mother, reply with a smiley like ":/". This will show the attacker that you're tough and cause him to flee.

7) When in game, and if the map is a "light" map, always remember to take pus, maximum pus. If you would fail to take maximum amount of pus went for a pusless strategy, your team will most likely yell at you, call you a noob and then drop. If you don't know what "light map" or "pus" is, you should quickly return your copy of myth2 soublighter to the store before anyone finds out and calls you a n00b, because if someone does that your whole life will be ruined.

8) Take maximum artillery in light maps. If you fail to take maximum amount of artillery in light maps, your team will hate you, yell at you and then drop.

9) Don't take maximum artillery in "Dark" maps. Doing this will make god (cops) hate you and your life is ruined.

10) Taking any artillery, other than giant, in raid will make you a n00b and a cheater if you win. In fact, taking any other kind of setup than Giant, 6 myrks and 12 berzerks will make you a terrible human being, not to mention a cheater. If you take any other kind of setup your team has no choice but to drop and yell at you while the other team calls you a lame cheater.

11) Attacking someone in an ffa game if that person was already under attack is considered cheating. Doing this would cause the person being doubled to say "OMFGR"% WTF N00BQ DOUBLEREre UCUNT KILL ME WQIHtout A PARNETNER HUH?¤?!?!???". In fact, touching anyone if there's some third teams unit on the map is forbidden and it is considered very lame and cheating, specially in games like Proving grounds KoTH.

12) Don't ever take any Brigands.

13) If you are the team captain, always yell at your team. In fact, yell at your team even if you're not the captain. This will naturally make them better players and they will get more chicks.

14) If you win a flank, always tell your opponent that you won and how much you own him (see part 2 about post game), even if you had 4 pus and 5 archers more than what he had.

15) Don't make any other kind of strategies except "3 prong". Although going "all mid" is considered fun and educational sometimes.

16) Saying "raid is reg" will make everyone shoot you in the head and feed your nuts to dogs

17) Using an ascii letter will automatically make you a n00b.

... and that's about it.
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