The 1 Baller’s Dilemma and Myth Boot Camp’s Five General Ord

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The 1 Baller’s Dilemma and Myth Boot Camp’s Five General Ord

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The 1 Baller’s Dilemma and Myth Boot Camp’s Five General Orders
Author: GiantKillerGen

I discuss what new players need to do to become competent in Myth and be more accepted by the Myth community.
  • Are you a 1 ball myther and you know it?
  • Tired of being a myth newbie?
  • Want people to stop calling you a suicider, or reminding you that you suck?
  • Are you in a myth game right now, with some dude named Giant Killer General who is screaming at you because you flanked west when he told you to flank east, and you want the harassment to stop?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then keep reading, this may be for you.

In the Marine Corps, all new recruits are given 11 General Orders for Sentries. They are required to memorize, recall, and be able to recite them verbatim, instantly, at any moment. Failure to do so results in punishment. New recruits start off with these general orders, because sentry duty is the most basic of military duties. These general orders provide recruits, who know less than nothing, guidelines to abide by so that they may execute their simplest of duties in a proper manner, and not be completely useless to their superiors, or their unit.

Like those recruits, you know less than nothing about Myth.

Truth hurts.

But that is why you are here, reading this article, because when it comes to the fight or flight response, you are a fighter. And you want to get better.

Again, like those recruits, no one is going to expect much out of you. You are going to be given the simplest of duties, and your entire goal in the game is not about winning, or even performing admirably, but just to make yourself useful to your captain, and your team. Baby steps young grasshopper. People have low expectations of you so let that work to your advantage. Prove that you are not useless, and that you deserve some units, no matter how small of a force.

Well lucky for you, I just happen to have the General Orders for Myth Boot Camp right here, ready to bestow upon you for your own personal enlightenment. And wouldn't you know it, there isn't even 11 orders for you to memorize, there is only 5. See how lucky you are?

These are the top 5 mistakes that make the difference between 1 ball and 2.

These are Myth Boot Camp's Five General Orders:

Order #5: Be a Good Comrade in Arms

This is all about teamwork, because, here is a reality check: this is multi-player, and unless you are all alone on your own team, Myth is a team game. So you need to switch gears, and get it through that thick skull of yours that you are no longer playing that single-player shit. Remember how proud you were when you beat it on legendary difficulty last month? I bet you thought you were pretty badass for that accomplishment, that you were "legendary." Well sorry to shit in your wheaties comrade, but that doesn't mean squat, and you better know that you still don't squat about this game. It is not a game for you to just get some units and then go do whatever you want the rest of the game. If that is what you want to do, then stick to playing single-player and I promise you people won't care what you do. If people on your team are getting pissed at you, it is probably because you are not being a good teammate. Now part of being a good teammate is being good at the game, but because you are so new to this game and therefore cannot fulfill that requirement quite yet, you can do your best to just stick with someone, follow their lead, and do whatever you can to help them out. This will also help you watch what they do so you can learn and get better. You do not know enough yet to go out on your own, or do anything fancy, so don't try it.


Be a good team-mate, and stick together with your partner.

Order #4: Read Game Chat

Now that we talked about teamwork, we need to point out the importance of what makes the teamwork - well - work: the communication. This means you need to read the in-game chat - a lot. Maybe even type some yourself if you need help or what not. Because you are so new, you will be doing most of the reading/listening, not the typing/talking. The typing/talking will come in time with experience, really make sure you read and listen to everything from the team though. Be attentive, and you just might learn something from someone. Get in the habit of looking at all the new chat as soon as it comes up, the "psst" sound from the game should give you a heads-up.


Order #3: Follow your Captain's Orders

Continuing to build off of the teamwork concept, every team in life has a leader to provide the focus and vision for the team's collective efforts. Myth is no different, and in Myth your leader is your captain. If you don't think your captain's orders are important, then consider this: even the best mythers in the world are strict about listening to their captain's orders, so maybe you should take a page out of their book, and do the same. The two basic orders that you NEED to understand are FLANK, and GUARD. Flank means flank in the direction they tell you to (example: flank north), so go to that front and hold until you are either dead or get further orders. Guard means guard whatever they specify (example: guard west flag). If you are ever unsure what to do, then ASK YOUR CAPTAIN, and do what he says. ALWAYS follow your captain's orders, I cannot stress this enough. If you do not follow them, expect your teammates, and especially your captain, to get pissed at you as you are not being a good teammate.


Don't do this.

Order #2: Know how to navigate on the map.

Building off of the concept of listening to your captain's orders: it is very important to know directions and how to navigate your units on the map. Think in terms of north, south, east and west, NOT left and right. Captain's orders are always going to tell you two things: where to go, and what to do, so it is imperative you understand directions. When they tell you what direction to go to, look on your mini-map, click on the mini-map at the location that the captain specified, and move all your units there. This may sound stupidly simple but MANY mythers, even very experienced ones, screw up directions; and if you go in the wrong direction you have just screwed up the captain's entire strategy, and significantly hurt your entire team, which would now make you "that guy."


Don't be "that guy."

Order #1: Ask Questions

And this order is the most important. You know less than nothing, remember? Everyone knows you know less than nothing, everyone expects less than nothing from you. So why aren't you asking questions? You should be asking questions all the time, about anything and everything. Who should you ask? Well identify people that appear to be knowledgeable to you. Practically everyone is better than you, so practically everyone can give you some advice. You need to be constantly learning otherwise you will never get yourself out of that practically useless state that you are in. Sure, some people may take some cheap shots on you while you are coming out of your newbie-closet, but pain is temporary, and pride is forever. So grab yourself a box of straws, and suck it up.


Don't be shy. Nobody is going to dowse you in gasoline and lite you on fire. I promise. Teheheahawhaw. No but seriously.

And that's it folks. Notice how upgrading yourself from 1 ball to 2 balls has very little to do with how well you play the game. Just make yourself useful by paying attention in games and be a good listener to the more experienced players on your team. As long as you show an honest effort and follow their orders you will make yourself useful to your team in some way. Happy Mything.

Disclaimer: This entire article is my own humbled personal opinion, but take it for what it is worth to you.