MWC Capstone Article: How Sam won his first MWC

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MWC Capstone Article: How Sam won his first MWC

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Hello Gentlegerms and laddies. This is Paris in Flames, live from the back of some vehicle, en-route on a 2 and a half-hour journey on the road to the Berkshire Mountains.

The following is a tale, thick with myth culture and lore. I urge you to implore whole-heartedly and leave in recognition and remembrance of times that will one day be far more distant than that dwarf molotov that never was. This is a long ride, so I will have plenty of time to explain the tale,

With grim's inclusion of a substitute system to be used in MWC12, the MWC landscape has changed over the past two years.
Here's a trophy I won for participating in that first MWC where we started using substitute systems.
Thanks Shinco ;)

Active players often substitute for teams who's rosters cannot be present, and players are often given a chance, almost FFA-like, to get revenge against teams they have played poorly against. This also means that the 11 Myth 2 MWC's before this were played under stricter conditions, where players were often, but not always, punished for participating on other teams. This provides a more casual experience in MWC that benefits the community of today better than other teams. I believe, however, that this also changes the experience of winners and champions, as well as their accreditation in post-tournament synopsis and atmosphere.

Therefore, let me be the first to congratulate Sam, who played for Agents and was an Honorary member of TMNT, on becoming a MWC champion this year, and introduce him to the crowd!

Sam, Esquire.

Sam is also known as Corbis from his earlier myth years, he has been a consistent player for years. I first met Sam when he was getting chewed out by Rattle Snake, I think the conversation went like "I'm a Louisiana State Cop and you get caught smoking pot in your parents garage," type of deal. This was of course, after Rattle Snake peaked in his m2sbr experience, having lost to Np 3 years before under the wing of Myrkidon and Team Angry Face, and having just beaten Np with BME in the MWC04 finals.

My next memorable experience of Sam was playing with him in MWC05, when we were on Swedish Meatballs with MWC-Captain extraordinaires such as SKA and GKG. Sam didn't really respect me yet and I didn't really respect him either, but this was mostly due to our teen-angst and him having played years worth more myth games by then. I thought Sam was a good teammate though, and I think it was players like him who helped me perform better at this game, physically and mentally.

After this, Sam illegally smuggled liger onto his mwc06 team and I trolled so hard to reveal this to everyone (as well as participate in the 5-0 bashing TCOX gave Smurf Legion, who had just beaten a 4 man Np-team and boasted about it in the forums, as if worthy of merit). It took another 7 years, but Sam and I once again found ourselves as MWC teammates.

Myth World Cup 2013: Sam in the Spotlight

This MWC, the Champion team was TMNT. Sam and I had a lot of fun picking apart TMNT in the QR matches, where we had a 4-1 victory over TMNT until limp and wwo myrk'd an easy captures victory. Sam flexed his 4 to 5 ball muscles on many occasions, seemingly taking the role of #1 on the Agents roster.

Sam had an opportunity to play with TMNT a few weeks following the QR match. TMNT played against TMNS, a team they had also lost against in the QRs. He would substitute for Arzenic of TMNT, despite being in violation of the actual rules of the tournament, and Tirri's muzzled-by-a-child-screaming protests. This match would prove to be TMNS's untimely exit from the Top-Bracket, and a set up WTC to complete the elimination process.
  • In game 1, sam takes a very limited role on TMNT.

    However in Game 2, sam takes the second most units by percentage for TMNT, second only to the Giant Killer General himself. Sam's warpack+dwarf squad completely tears apart TMNS, and ends the game with the second best ratios and most damage for TMNT.

    In game 3, sam takes 4 of the 8 fetch in the barbarian valley dark mesh. TMNT gets rick-rolled, and sam has the second best statistics on TMNT to EW's 2 trow and 300 spiders.

    In game 4, sam is one of two of the lowest percentages for players on TMNT, and takes a warpack. he plays the best on TMNT, and while they lose the game, sam has a +13 kill advantage on the next player on TMNT. The second most damage and has 2nd most kills in the game, 22 to Kryptos' 27 (who subbed for tmns).

    In game 5, sam takes some of the assassin units for the map (arguably the most important). He keeps his team's fetch alive (and their chance to win the match alive), although being surrounded in the last 20 seconds of the game which ends in a tie.

    Game 6, Sam takes a warpack with EW/Myrk on the Desert/KotM tiebreaker of the decade, as well as the first KotM game ever played in MWC. Sam ends the game with the most kills and damage for TMNT, and TMNT win the game and the match to advance to the Top Bracket Finals against Agents.
Conclusion of the match: The score would be much different if teams were not allowed to use substitutes at all. Sam's impact on TMNT was far greater than Limp, Ghengis and Kryptos' contributions on TMNS combined, and basically won TMNT the match. After this match there were ridiculous discussions about Sam being better than Arz and arz being better than sam, however this was settled when Arzenic won Finals MVP for TMNT...

Size My Fingers, Said Sam: MWC Finals

Next lets take you to the final game of the actual contested finals and contested tournament itself. The Map is Quixotism trow, and TMNT has won the last 3 games, while Agents won the first two. Agents can't really afford to fuck up at all if they want to beat TMNT at this point.

Agent's Captain wwo puts 3 of the 5 Agents trow into Sam's hands, and the other two to limp; making Sam the primary trower for the do-or-die game 6 in the finals.

His main job is to match up against TMNT's primary trower, who ends up being GKG.

The Agent's aren't able to capitalize on holding mid in the early game, and don't make an artillery attempt to take the soul-defended-on-impassable-terrain north TMNT flag until the end. It need have not been the end of the game, but Sam was watching this exchange and changed priority to defend the offense over the defense.

This backfires, and while Sam takes his eyes of GKG's 3 trow to protect PK, his 3 trow allow those 3 trow to walk right up to the Agent's final flag, defended by 9 myrks who have sat defending that flag the entire game.

And so it was over, TMNT had won the MWC finals, and Sam unquestionably won it for them. Sam had played for TMNT, and the title of MWC champion rightfully became his along with his comrades. Now all Sam had to do for the remainder of his day, was cure the hangover brought on by drinking and raving in the woods the night before.


Thus once again, I, Paris, Tournament Organizer of MWC2013, 4-time MWC Champion, Friend of Samuel, and Elfoid Suicide Prevention supporter would like to Congratulate Sam on winning his first MWC, along with the rest of the TMNT-role players.

Here's some other notable players with 1 MWC ring, besides Sam:
Orlando the Axe
Rocket Dive
Spartan Ken 15
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Re: MWC Capstone Article: How Sam won his first MWC

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Great article

great pictures of me 1st of all, totally not fucked up in either picture, clearly
pretty sure i was rolling in the first picture evident by my 'bisco' bracelet when i was at camp bisco

3rd of all, wait 2nd of all i only kinda fucked up, ok i really fucked up

3rd of all for real - I won an mwc in 2010!!! which makes me have 2 rings now!! woot

the end
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Re: MWC Capstone Article: How Sam won his first MWC

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I didn't know homeless shelters had wifi. Makes sam's accomplishments even greater.