A single berserk reached us yesterday, after having come all the way over the mountains from the city of Willow, fourteen hundred miles away. He delivered to Alric a single package the size of a man's fist, wrapped in rags, and refuses to talk with anyone about events in the West.
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2pm EST - 10/6/2019
FFA Myth - The Lost Pages:
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FFA Cracks in The Cloudspine (Light)
FFA Clash in The Cloudspine (Dark)
FFA Dead of Winter (Light)
FFA Undead of Winter (Dark)
FFA The Desert Between Your Ears (Light)
FFA If I Had a Trow . . . (Dark)
FFA Creep on the Borderlands (Light)
FFA Curse on the Borderlands (Dark)
FFA Keep Across the River (Light)
FFA Suffer Across The River (Dark)
FFA Gloom Beyond the River (Shadow)
FFA Prowl Across The River (Myrkridian Warfare)

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