TWS21 talks

A single berserk reached us yesterday, after having come all the way over the mountains from the city of Willow, fourteen hundred miles away. He delivered to Alric a single package the size of a man's fist, wrapped in rags, and refuses to talk with anyone about events in the West.

Will you be around in Jan/Feb to play?

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TWS21 talks

Post by par73 »

Hey guys, it's almost that time again. What a wild year that's taken the wind out of some but left others more hungry than ever to get back outside ! As for Myth, it's been a rather interesting resurgence over the past year. I've seen many of the usual suspects continue to linger as well as the return of some old faces as well as some new. I'm here to open up TWS for discussion.

Last TWS, I hosted a 2v2 event. Since then we've had a plethora of events, I'll try to list them all:
MWC19, RRR3, WW2, Reignnoobs' FFA/1v1, Cheeze's Dorfball, Asmo's TFFA, Clarma's 2v2, Clarma's 3v3, Clarma's 1v1 (x2), The Grim Classic, Ghengis' Melee Tournament, Drunken's Coop Tournament. The Fall Classic is currently being hosted by Karma. Am I missing anything? The Milk Man Memorial Nightmare Before Halloween FFA Tourney Bash, hosted by Akira. I don't mind editing to pay respect! 16 tournaments since TWS, I've never seen it before :D

What the hell happened to Myth? What a great exciting year for this game and it's players. Big thanks to everyone who put on a show for the people taking advantage of a brief opportunity in time where many were at home ! Safe to say no one ever saw this coming, but what a great way to end/begin the decade!

I'm looking to The Winter Series, and thinking of hosting a 2v2 closed roster, a 6v6 open roster, or both. Even considering a rehash of the Valor tournament, something of a TFFA-2t combination tournament. Start of the tournament would be Jan 2nd and 3rd, since Myth is 99% boomers I'm sure hangovers will be of no issue as everyone is far more responsible than Lord Scary Owl. :mrgreen:

I'll be hosting whatever we can field although I'm not sold on participation myself. Let's keep the ball rolling, even Psalm is IP banned. Vote if you're interested and may be available in the coming months for these 2t events.

Obviously, most of the communication for this event, as well as all future Myth events, will be taking place on various discords. If you're not using discord yet, touch down here :

There are far too many myth chats to begin with so if you're not involved in any of these it's going to be difficult to be involved. Most of you already know this, whether you hop on discord or not hope to see you on that battlefield with your bros. Consider this a Myth News Bulletin.
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Re: TWS21 talks

Post by wwo »

What the hell happened to Myth?
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Re: TWS21 talks

Post by sei_lah »

Anyway, if it was covid or nah, the fact is we have some active players (even if they show only to play the tourneys).

Thank you for trying to keep the community alive, Paris, and if depends me, I am able to help you w/e you wants.

I voted both tourneys, bc big 2t u need to schedule with more peoples and sometimes it doesnt work when the guys have another plans to weekend.

2v2 match (in the gk's melee format/anyday/anytime) its easier to do the match.
But i dont care, i want play.
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