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Melee Madness Registration

Posted: 04 Jul 2020, 01:55
by noblesteed
Winning player will get $250 Cash and be crowned melee champion.

All maps will be played with melee only 1v1. Initial Rounds will be best of 5. Finals will be best of 7.

All registered players will be placed in a single elimination bracket. Seeding will be done by M2SBER with the highest seed playing the lowest seed and so on.

In-Game Rules:
No artillery units allowed
Puss/wights will be allowed if specified by map pick.
Pt set to 1min
Overhead On
Normal Difficulty
Gametype = LMOTH
Game Time = 4 mins

If you do not adhere to the rules per melee-maps section you will forfeit the game. Please ensure to read the map rules prior to each map selection as it varies.

How many people register will impact the schedule of this tournament. Brackets+ Schedule will be posted when registration is finished. Registration is open 6/30/2020 and closes 7/4/2020 at midnight. Finals will be streamed. Maps + schedule coming soon. Register here by posting user ID and name.