MWC 2020 Threat Assessment: Deer

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MWC 2020 Threat Assessment: Deer

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The roster I am using matches the one in discord at the time I am writing this, any discord updates will be accounted for
I will only give 5 balls to one player on each team, if applicable, denoting that player as the teams best player in my opinion
one more note, if you disagree with my Threat Assessments, prove me wrong in mwc20, I'll admit my error(s)

Deer has always been known as a bottom bracket or second tier team. They've carried this reputation with them all the way to 2020. In drunken's defense, and in his article, he explains how they don't necessarily play to win, but to play for fun, which is quite acceptable. That being said this is a TA, and deer poses little threat to the other teams. This roster has some good names, and bad names for deer. We'll see what they can come up with. - 2 trow

drunken (captain) - drunken is notorious for keeping 50% of the units and doing a classic 2 prong where he is 1 prong and the other 7 guys are the other prong. if he keeps this up it'll make for some pretty bad games. drunken himself isn't a bad player, and would be much better if he ever left the deer legacy to play roles for a better team. anyways, thanks for making a team drunken - 3 balls

Dagda - dagda is a familiar name, and but I don't know much more - 2 balls

- with sei lahs return he shouted a thu'um of portuguese into the air bringing back a horde of brazilians. one of them is fidel. funnily, the only thing distinguishing the brazilians from one another is their names and colors. most all of them are decent role players and not much more, until I see more from fidel - high 2 balls

Masterchief - its been years since MC played. he's a classic deer player, and I'm glad hes playing this year - 2 balls

Muggy - idk who this is - 1 ball

Sei Lah - sei lah is a decent roles player who has shown excitement for mwc20. I expect him to perform well for deer, and hopefully we'll see some good play from him. get khan and thor on this team sei lah!!!! for now, - high 2 balls

Tangoes - this may be the tangoes I played with in 2015, if so - 2 balls

Tatuira - possible dummy account - 1 ball

Wulfsbane - who? - 1 ball