De 3 map changes please.

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De 3 map changes please.

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The variety would be good with the new maps/game types. Trow/fetch/light/dark


GRIMPACK Zodiac (shadow) Territories 12 minute
s - This map will absolutely be dominated by whomever the soulers are and maybe a few lucky general shots. Pretty much anyone who aren't those 4 players getting souls/general are useless. This is not tournament worth especially in the DE 3

Map suggestion: Hvergelmir - Light - Flag Rally 12 mins

The Tain (Manly) KOTM 10 minutes: Myrk giants, FG and Trow... come on now; oh and btw I used this map in one of my draft tournament and it was an utter disaster.

Map suggestion: The tain (dark) - territories - 12 mins

Fosgarach Ruillick (Light) Territories 12 minutes
- Not horrible but it's essentially a standard light unit set BC fight. Can we get something that has some more creativity to it than a straight up BC fight on a light map?

Map suggestion - Majestic Falls 2t light - King of the Map - 12 mins

Frozen Cloudspine Flag Rally 12 minutes: This is a good pick

GRIMPACK Trow Comes Around (Dark) CTF 12 minutes: All super powerful arty units without any real counter. A super one dimensional pick with what the unit set is. Let's line up and aimlessly shoot at each other for 12 mins while it ends up being a stalemate. Again another poor map pack when we are in the DE 3 with contenders facing each other with elimination on the line.

Map suggestion: When a trow comes around - CTF - 14 mins
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Re: De 3 map changes please.

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Ctf as game 5 seems not ideal.
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