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by grimshoulddie
19 Aug 2013, 16:21
Forum: Myth World Cup 2013
Topic: Orders You've Been In:
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Re: Orders You've Been In:

*VSS* was only a recruit, official reason for being rejected was because I was a rank whore
BIC is not recruiting.

dummied for TWF. I may have dummied for kamppur but I don't remember.
by grimshoulddie
25 Nov 2012, 02:10
Forum: Eblis Stone
Topic: Is the GJOL a FLOP?
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Re: Is the GJOL a FLOP?

I haven't actually posted until now, grimcock. guest is right though, the requirements for the password are ridiculous, so ridiculous I'll probably never post here again because I will neither remember the CIA super secret yankeedoodle pw I was required to create nor be motivated to do it all over a...