Threat Assessments

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Threat Assessments

by garnish » 28 Jun 2022, 06:09

TA: Save Myth
By Argos

Asmodian (captain): GKG's uchideshi and a great captain. The infamous "Thrall Rush" has claimed many a life on the churning battlefield. Also a very dangerous player. Cool-headed in big games. 4+
Ratking: I've served with him many a year and he's always had great leadership and solid play. 4 Balls
Killerking: KK is continuing to rack up experience. I think some still think of him as a role-player but he is more than capable with big units too. 3 +
Xel: I've teamed with him a few times but don't know him that well. He's been around since ancient times and is solid. 3
Kryptos: The spacebar clicking king of WW2, Kryptos or Sk8er has carved his way into reg. I think he's quite dangerous and have enjoyed playing with him. High 3 Low 4
Tirri: An absolute monstrosity. Most players would forget to breathe, their hearts shattering as they glimpsed his plum colored slayers approaching on the horizon, the smoke of burning towns littering the sky behind them. 5
Monty: Monty is a great player who's been around for a long time. Always dangerous with any unit. High 3 Low 4. Big solid 4 when unrusted.
East wind: Even when he's out for a while he's exceptional. One of the best ever. The big time, a deadly force to encounter, the Duke of New York, the A Number One. His black Trow seem to phase into existence from the shadows of frozen stars beyond the knowledge of men. 5
Paris: I've been on many teams with Paris, and at this point it would feel weird not having him on my team. Paris is the one who tells everyone to chill the fuck out and keep their minds in the game. He untilts those who are tilted. Always going for wild-ass plays in tournament games, I've seen him take flags in multiple tournaments when we were behind, completely turning a loss around. 4+
Argos: I don't really know, honestly. It's hard to rate yourself. I feel like I've gotten better at communication and not tunneling.
Captain: When he's here, he's great. A fetch specialist. 3 balls, 4 when unrusted.
Gekko: The Finnish extraordinaire. The kind of guy who would take us all out for ice-cream after a tough game. 4
Akira: AUTUMN DEMON. Solid player and good teammate. 3+