WW2 2021

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Re: WW2 2021

by Stonewall » 21 May 2021, 05:34

ZOOKFEST 2021 finals are this Sunday, 23 May, 2pm EST.

Re: WW2 2021

by Stonewall » 30 Apr 2021, 21:58

The ZOOKFEST 2021 video collection

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfFzmgb ... YeTsSn3xYb

Keep 'em comming!

WW2 2021

by Stonewall » 06 Apr 2021, 19:19


WW2 ZOOKFEST FFA Show and Play tournament is getting underway, check the Discord for details


This is a show and play FFA/Small team tournament that will run through April and May, include a player ranking system, and culminate in a 2team-style grand finals. All players need to do is show up and play (utilizing the rule set and approved maps), with games of 4 players or more counting towards the points system. Games are also scheduled for Saturday/Sunday at 2pm EST.

WWII Tourney 2021
General Format:
Preliminary games decide four captains. Each captain chooses 1 teammate. Picking order is determined by preliminary scores. Top captain’s team faces bottom captain’s team. Two middle captains play each other. All other players random, then same teams for the rest of the match. Best of 7 wins. Can be played on any sanctioned map. Game is CTF, 20 min, legendary, no map.
Winning captains draft every remaining player kickball style (they keep the 1 teammate). Grand finals is first to 7 wins on S-2, CTF, 20 min, legendary, no map.

Qualifying Preliminary Games:
A player must play at least 10 ffa games and lead 10 2-team games to be considered a captain.
An ffa game must have 4-7 players to qualify.
All games with 8+ players must be s-4, s-2, or equivalent. (CTF, 20 min, leg., no map)
Small 2-t games are allowed but must adhere to 4 players – Scout, 5-6 players – Patrol, 7 players – Squad.
FFA and Small 2-t games: Will always start with lmoth (5 min, ffa; 8 min, 2-t). From then on, 2nd place in ffa or team captain of losing team in small 2-t chooses the next game. You cannot have the same game type twice in a row!
Sanctioned Maps: Recon, Recon Deluxe, Urban Recon, Combat!!, Titans, Heroes v1.2.2. AvA 4 or earlier.
Prelim Games can happen any time 24/7 but please try to show up Saturday’s and Sunday’s at 2:00 PM ET for big 2-t games!

Scoring System:
A good captain possesses both leadership and micro (called “firepower”) skills. I am determining that the ideal leadership – firepower ratio is 66% - 33%. Therefore, the main formula to determine points is as follows:
Total Score = [1/3 * Firepower] + [2/3 * Leadership]
Firepower = [Kills in ffa games/Deaths in ffa games] * [ffa dmg given/ffa dmg received] n>=10
Leadership = [2-team game wins/2-team game losses] n>=10 (Only games as a captain count!)

Tentative Schedule:
April 11 – May 19 Preliminary Games
May 20 – May 21 Top Four Captains Select Their Partner
May 22 – 23 Semifinals Matches
May 24 – 28 Kickball Style Draft
May 29 – 30 Grand Finals