Stock rising stock falling™

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Stock rising stock falling™

Postby Asmodian » 06 Aug 2018, 16:17

I decided to do away with TA's as I was unaware they were already being done. I bring you back Stock rising and stock falling™

I am the most accomplished player to make such a list being in every final or winning every single 2t tournament since the GoS era (2013). The championship runs through 'smo and you are all a witness.

The first rankings are based on my subjective rating of you at this current moment that encompasses everything from perceived attendance (based on the recent past), skill and so on. Your stock will change week to week after your teams match. People get a bump in their stock for being successful captains [ratking, limp]. Only players who are signed up on a team are worth anything on the stock market.

Green = stock rising = good activity, playing well, captaining well
Black = steady = doing as expected based on their original stock
Red = stock falling = inactive, playing poorly based on their original stock, underperforming as a captain

10 players per tier and players are positioned based on their stock relative to other people in their current tier


Tier 1
Giant Killer General
East Wind

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

Tier 5
Ooga Booga

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Re: Stock rising stock falling™

Postby garnish » 06 Aug 2018, 20:00

Asmo, I didn't know you won The Gala or TWS.

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Re: Stock rising stock falling™

Postby Asmodian » 06 Aug 2018, 20:14

garnish wrote:Asmo, I didn't know you won The Gala or TWS.

2018 TWS champion. I don't make up fake tournament wins/results like KIRK LOLOLOLOL - V8 pts.


Re: Stock rising stock falling™

Postby Guest88 » 07 Aug 2018, 05:21

Asmo was a sub in finals

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Re: Stock rising stock falling™

Postby Asmodian » 07 Aug 2018, 15:51

If you play in all the games still counts mr. anonymous.


Re: Stock rising stock falling™

Postby Heh » 07 Aug 2018, 17:39

Glad to see at least you put in the word subjective.

Now we know you hardly play this game anymore since there are tons of mistakes based on your view of many myth players It's ok though ignorance can be a bliss sometimes.

Alright let's start with the most obvious ones from lower to higher tiers;

Tier 5

If anything, Phos does not belong in this tier, neither does Jahral or Alfi.

Phos is decent player he played for a lot of high ranked/top rates teams and he has done very well over the last few years, the only reason hes inactive - just like many other ppl - is because hes a family man. For that you could mark him with red but even then he's still underrated and probably belongs to tier 4.

Alfi has stepped his game up over the last few years (since 2016) having gained his first tourney win in a 1v1 tourney and also part of a runner up team in TSO16, hes seeking out supposedly higher ranked players to challenge them and prove a lot of ppl wrong. Underrated in the community TA's but It's for the better. Also underrated in your stockmarket.

While I do not give much credibility to the community TA's even they confirmed that Jahr is improving and has a few intresting cards up his sleeve, several prominent myth members have acknowledged this including Ratking who even mentioned this in his myth podcast, I recommend you check that out it's awesome.

Tier 4:

Milkman might have been absent for quite some time now except for discord but that doesn't mean you should underrate him. For some, hes a sketchy dude and I can see where those ppl come from but he doesn't belong here. I'm glad you marked his name as green though.

Vasazel has improved a LOT recently a solid player and heavy hitter. I recommend you to check him out in this tourney:
guy's a fuckin beast. He doesn't belong in this Tier but you were wise enough to mark his name with green.

Drunken. I supppse hes red cuz he haven't played myth for more than a year now? Can't comment anything certain on him yet, if he hasn't changed then you should move him up. Otherwise hes a capable team captain, not Rat material but good can manage lots of units pretty well. If he changed for the worse you are right leaving him here.

MasterChief might be the first person here that you might have overrated. However hes been absent for quite some time now, you should mark him with red. Truth to be told I haven't played much with this guy but I don't see why you fancy him so much that you'd put him above Ura or Spoon.

Speaking of Ura you don't seem to know the guy. He definetly belongs to a higher tier. Good roleplayer I even consider him a heavy hitter in reg games hes capable managing a lot of units and just like Vasazel hes a beast.

Sasper wasn't really much of a threat, like MasterChief he should be marked with red as he haven't played myth for 2 years now and is more of a forum posee. Hes overrated in your stockmarket.

Spoon is a challenger and a good one too. He played for top rated teams before for a good reason, hes a decent player. You should put him on the top of this tier or move him up to a higher one. Good, his name is in green.

Tier 3

Wwo Soulblighter Wank should be marked with red for being inactive.

I don't know this Xel, for all I know he could be a dummy, though influentual members of the community seem to know him.

Is being a good US host and playing mazz games with GKG and his cronies means you automatically become a 3 baller these days or get placed this high in Asmo stockmarket or even get a place in TMNT 3? Surely...there must be more to Oly. He's good here, I think.

Seeker??? In tier 3? LOLWTF guy plays like Garnish. Heavily overrated. Do you even play myth Asmo? Trowbelt tourney wasn't yesterday. LOL.

Tier 2

You would be wise to mark Akira and Chron with red for inactivity. Thal aswell but since he just came back hes fine.

I guess you could say LSO earned his place here knowing very well how to captain a team. But I would move him into the last place of this tier or the top of tier 3. Looking at the other people here and knowing some of the mistakes he made in a few tourney games gave me this idea. Plus he doesn't posess too great skills in 1v1.

Akira might be slightly overrated here but I admit that It's arguable, he used to be a tough fighter when he was active, you two even played for money and you swept him. I think you were too generous when you put him in tier 2, should be in tier 3 though my opinion on him is biased.

Tier 1

I can't argue much with this except that Limp doesn't really belong here, and that Adrenaline and Crun should switch places on the ladder.

I don't think Crun is capable of fighting 2 avarage players at the same time (being almost boxed) on a bc kg while also smashing both of them and losing very little and even after that beating a tier 2 player with similar unit percentage in the same game. Adren is just untouchable one of the toughest motherfuckers this game ever had. Although stuff like that usually happens to ppl when they play a game for more than 10 years competitively.

For those I did not mention it means that they are okay where they are now in your stockmarket or that I don't know enough about them to judge otherwise.

Try to play more often Asmo, attend smaller tourneys and weekend games, it will clear up your mind about a lot of things. I see you often on discord but less often in actual games.

Cheers ;)

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Re: Stock rising stock falling™

Postby adrenaline » 07 Aug 2018, 21:13

Aw shucks. It was PG BC, but thanks ;) At least now I have a good idea who you are haha

Anyways... HEH makes some good argument but a few errors... either way, any list of this nature is gonna be subjective. He's right that you are off on your assessment of some of the lower tiers, but being limited to 10 players per tier makes it hard to shuffle people around too much... Tiers 3-5 are tough... some players maintaining a higher position based on legacy reputation, while it can be argued that several Tier 4/5 players have earned a higher position based on activity and actually improving a lot. Definitely wrong about WWO being inactive lol... probably one of the most active, in fact.
Anyways, some of the glaring oversights will hopefully spark up some drama.. these forums need it!

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Re: Stock rising stock falling™

Postby garnish » 07 Aug 2018, 22:19

Happy to agree with the assessment that I am overrated.

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Re: Stock rising stock falling™

Postby Asmodian » 13 Aug 2018, 01:08

Stock updated after QR 1. I might need to go back and make minor adjustments. Some people moved and dropped tiers just based on more players having been registered for teams than were in the previous week. There is now 60 players registered for teams with 12 player per tier.


Re: Stock rising stock falling™

Postby xel-np- » 13 Aug 2018, 09:57

Heh wrote:I don't know this Xel, for all I know he could be a dummy, though influentual members of the community seem to know him.

this has been the trend ever since 2001

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