Asmo's True Rating

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What is Asmo's rating?

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Asmo's True Rating

Postby Pogue » 03 Aug 2013, 01:15

I haven't played myth in a few months and am genuinely curious about Asmo's mything abilities. Has he greatly improved his game or is he just talking shit and still the same loveable trow belt we all used to beat up on for ratios in FFA? Vote honestly friends, I want an accurate poll to satisfy my curiosity and for future generations of mythers to look back on.

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Re: Asmo's True Rating

Postby cremisi » 03 Aug 2013, 01:23


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Re: Asmo's True Rating

Postby Asmodian » 05 Aug 2013, 04:59

Just got done doing the math, you guys voted me as a 35 baller. I thank you all for your vote of confidence.

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