Myth Meta I : Is Taunting Overrated?

A single berserk reached us yesterday, after having come all the way over the mountains from the city of Willow, fourteen hundred miles away. He delivered to Alric a single package the size of a man's fist, wrapped in rags, and refuses to talk with anyone about events in the West.

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Myth Meta I : Is Taunting Overrated?

Postby par73 » 02 Apr 2017, 13:18

I was over at SeeCu's Pub the other day and we had some interesting characters in the mix. A former warlock specialist, a man woke, and ten time free for all champion. About fifteen years ago, these players also battled in the finals in an event known in 2002 as The Fall Classic, which was later referred to as "The Blood Pact-Np Incident".

Overhearing their conversation, I found it quite interesting the different perspectives and approaches to playing our favorite game of chess, Myth. Collectively, these perspectives build into a greater Myth experience where individuals are accustomed to having different approaches to their play.

I thought you might enjoy this, so I was sure to record them on a hidden microphone. Here is their story:

Tirri 110% Russian Spy - Today at 1:17 AM
most people keep optimizing the completely wrong things in games
like using taunt with lock and being so satisfied when it's supposedly faster
i never started using taunt because it's completele bullshit
maybe if you are a god cops type of player who only gets 1 lock in team games, it might be somewhat relevant but even then i'd focus on other things if i was god cops
not to mention taunting is considered rude

akira ~STILL WOKE - Today at 1:42 AM
It's the only way to stop a shot
From going off

ruin - Today at 1:42 AM
cancel a bad shot or stop an auto
hes talking madness

akira ~STILL WOKE - Today at 1:42 AM

ruin - Today at 1:42 AM

Tirri 110% Russian Spy - Today at 1:48 AM
there's a key called STOP UNITS

ruin - Today at 1:51 AM
cant break a lock shot in progress
unless they changed it, which i doubt
nope. just checked. cant
oh you mean in advance. yeah because nothing ever goes wrong ever

Tirri 110% Russian Spy - Today at 1:54 AM
maybe that's relevant to lock specialist who only get the lock
if you're controlling 4-6 groups and watching what newbs are doing on the other side of the map, you either stop your units or taunt won't be able to save you

ruin - Today at 1:55 AM
tirri ~ quitting myth, still loves the pub

Tirri 110% Russian Spy - Today at 2:04 AM
you love jditty

akira ~STILL WOKE - Today at 2:37 AM
Tirri ~well behind the meta

Tirri 110% Russian Spy - Today at 2:51 AM
No, that was the point
When average playera are left to develop on their own, the meta starts developing really badly
I just outmetaed gkg in the most competitive tourney ever
If i were any of you average players, id concentrate on mastering presets

ruin - Today at 3:04 AM
yeah i love jditty!
never remembed Np being such dicks
time i guess

Tirri 110% Russian Spy - Today at 3:11 AM
just admit you're wrong and let's be friends. we can play with marbles
but i remember vividly that jditty was a huge dick and a pussy
i'll tell everyone a tirri's diary story about meta
in 2001 in ffa gimble ctfs i was doing double flanks with 8 presets
and people were yelling no doubling when they didn't realize it was just one guy
im set in regards to myth meta for this century
Another fun myth meta was badlands duels. People were dueling against voodoo and some thought they were good at lock duels cause they could hang with him
Badlands duels in yearly 2000s consisted of using 1, sometimes 2 locks and almost never 1 melee to block
I was at the point where i just ran all my melee at the enemy locks, kept pulling back and easily blocking all shots
After the first time enemy mana haf run out, it was always game over cause i ran at the enemy locks with melee and the opponent couldnt do anything and couldnt block my shots
But the funny thing is, i did this same thing against asmo in 2014 and the exact same thing happened

ruin - Today at 3:41 AM
reminds me why i left the pub last time.
this is not worth my time to bother with

After all of that taunting talk, the pub grew quiet and ruin made his leave. What are your thoughts on the taunt key ? Would you also suggest that players work on their preset control rather than their micromanagement of units with taunt ? Discuss below

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Re: Myth Meta I : Is Taunting Overrated?

Postby godcops » 03 Apr 2017, 19:15

People that continue to underestimate individual unit skill have no business evaluating talent at any level of myth.

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