TWSX NEWS VI: The Qualifying Rounds End

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Predict your Grand Finals Champion team of TWS18 today!

Poll ended at 11 May 2018, 11:36

Band of the Red Hand
Tandem Bikes
The Bogans Behaving Badly
Bagrada Hilaris
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TWSX NEWS VI: The Qualifying Rounds End

Postby par73 » 16 Apr 2018, 11:36

The Qualifying Rounds are complete!
Band of the Red Hand takes the 1st seed!

They came, they saw, the conquered. Last weekend, Band of the Red Hand defeated Tandem Bike in a 3-2 match earning them the 1st seed in the tournament. Congrats BRH, the Group Stage Champions of TWSX! In the other match, the Bogans defeated Bagrada Hilaris 5-0 to secure the 3rd Seed. Now that the stage is set, let the DE begin!

Qualifying Rounds Results:

Double Elimination Bracket:

You can check out details of the bracket on, located at the link below
You can also make predictions for how you think the end results of the tournament will be looking 4-5 weeks from now, by clicking the link below ... ctions/new

As of right now, the fallback scheduling for DE1 weekend is as follows:

Tandem Bike vs The Bogans Behaving Badly - Saturday 4/21 2pm EST
Band of the Red Hand vs Bagrada Hilaris - Saturday 4/21 3pm EST

Team Registration ends today. I'm hoping no one registers a 5th team at this point, but it is possible as per the rules. If a team is registered by the end of today, expect a swift news post on Tuesday to explain how we will proceed.
I'm looking to release the maps for the next 4 rounds all at one time, hopefully within 24 hours.

Best of luck to all participants, let's finish strong.

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