QR Update I:

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QR Update I:

Postby par73 » 14 Apr 2017, 18:20

Hey guys after two weeks of play I wanted to update you on how this tournament is going.

The turnout is pretty low so far which essentially means this tournament is still anyone's ballpark. A few players have qualified but more have signed up and not yet played a single match.

The following players have yet to play a match:


Be sure to goad these guys into a trap... I mean a 1v1 match! Otherwise they might have trouble qualifying.

There has been a weird abundance of server downtime lately, I suggest you play your opponents on the weekend or during "high" traffic times if you wish to get some matches in. Notably, Friday Evenings and Saturday/Sunday anytime after 3pm is a good time to find players active on the server.

At the moment, consider the open qualifiers extended for one week, the round robin to take place in the first half of TSO, and the DE to take place in the second half of TSO. If you don't know what any of that means, all you need to know is you need to play at least 4 of these open qualifier matches in order to advance to the scheduled round robin and double elimination stages (where champions will be crowned).

Best of luck to all of those who play and have a nice day.

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