Switch's Overwhelming Butthurt

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Switch's Overwhelming Butthurt

Postby Giant Killer General » 25 Oct 2016, 01:46

Since you don't want to start your own thread to continue venting your butthurt from the other thread switch, I will do it for you. You can now refer all your future butthurt to this thread instead.

switch wrote:LMAO

Remember last year when you called me a liar because Limp didn't enthusiasticly endorse your attempt to get East Wind onto team Asmo? Fast forward a year and here you are defending your effort to keep Kryptos from playing for Horses, which, I should add, was only referred to Seeker because you nixed it. Hypocrisy level 9000 bro

Nope, I don't remember, no idea what you are talking about. I barely remember anything about you. The only reason I finally learned your name a year or 2 ago was because you were some newbie that was constantly riding my nuts about random shit, which I found odd as I didn't even know who the fuck you were. Nice to see that this dynamic continues to this day.

So again, nobody else to corroborate your made-up story about game 3 shuffle or anything else you are saying here, not even anyone from your own team. And nothing to say about why kryptos wasn't actually subbing for my team since we were the team that was playing short a player. And the only reason I had to nix it at the start of the match and refer it to seeker again is because you guys tried to overturn what seeker originally did in nixing kryptos from your team a month previously. Yet here you are pretending it is all my fault because of your overwhelming butthurt.

My supposed nixing had nothing to do with kryptos, and had everything to do with your team having more players than mine, and still trying to use players not on your roster. I would have done the same thing if you had tried to play anyone else that was not on your team, as you and your team would have done the exact same to me had the positions been reversed. If your team wanted to play with even players and sit a player on your team roster to let kryptos play, I would have had no issue with it. But that wasn't the case now was it. But please, do continue crying about it, this gives me incredible joy.

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Re: Switch's Overwhelming Butthurt

Postby switch » 25 Oct 2016, 02:11

I really like your strategy on Arcane Haven, I thought it was clever, GKG.

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