Week 2 Results: Boom Town (BT) Defeats TWF 3-2

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Week 2 Results: Boom Town (BT) Defeats TWF 3-2

Postby Giant Killer General » 14 Aug 2016, 00:05

This week had an even stronger showing than last week, featuring 8 all-star mythers in myself, limp, ew, gekko, cruniac, arz, dantski, and tirri (Limp and I were captains). Every game started as 8v8 (though the last 2 games had 1 person drop on my team each time, so those were 7v8), and we had even more people waiting outside trying to get in to play in this epic match.

Each game was pretty close and well-fought. TWF ended up winning the first 2 games, making it look like it might be another blowout match win for them. But BT rallied and ended up making an epic comeback winning each of the last 3 games, to win the match with a final score of 3-2 BT over TWF. By the end of it, many of us were commenting about how these were probably the best myth games played in at least 1-2 years since maybe the MWC14 finals, so check them out.

We are doing it again next week at either 2pm or 3pm EST on Saturday (time to be confirmed, pending the euro player's preference). This next match will be the final match of this series, and will be a 7-game match to decide the winner of the entire series (since the match series is currently tied 1-1).

Films and stats for this week's match have also been added to GoS here:

http://gateofstorms.net/tournaments/MWC ... rounds/481

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